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Food and Supply Chain


Design, Development, SEO

“Creating a platform and solving supply chain problems isn’t easy, especially when you have no technical expertise. Luckily, we have IT companies like SoftProdigy that are bound to impress with their advanced tech solutions. What I liked the most about this company is that they are always one step further when it comes to web development. It’s good to see how they use a variety of industry-specific tools and technologies that not only solve problems, but also innovate ideas. I’d like to thank them for taking care of the Ninjacart website.”

Sharath Loganathan

Co-founder, Ninjacart

About Ninjacart

Ninjacart is India’s largest and fastest fresh produce supply chain platform that connects food producers with restaurants, retailers, and other service providers. They play a pivotal role in curbing the problems faced by the farmers like distribution inefficiency, price risk, receipt of late payments, information asymmetry, etc. through their leading platform.

On the same lines, they help retailers get over the problems of getting low-quality produce, high prices, and the hassle of going to the market every day. Ninjacart targets the inefficiency and wastage associated with traditional supply chains by connecting these parties through a competent digital platform and they are succeeding in their mission. Their supply chain is equipped to move 1,400 tons of perishables every day from farms to businesses, in less than 12 hours.

Project Execution

The Problems

When we looked into the client’s plan, we took a note of a few things that were going to be challenging. To name some - we needed to create supply chain visibility, simplify demand planning and integrate it on the cloud, manage the supply in real-time, create hassle-free collaboration for all parties through an open logistics structure, and more.

We also needed the platform to be able to oversee and track multiple farmers, their produce, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Another challenge was the Product Lifecycle Management for reduced time to market and easy process management. Multiple repositories, AG Grids, and Complex codes were some of the challenges we met along the way. Also, the platform’s database was inaccessible by the search engines and was not indexed.

The Solutions

Once we chose the tech stack for the platform, we started working on the frontend development and conceptualized client’s ideas though a deployment plan. For demand planning, we brought connected processes, ML and AI into action and made provisions for supply and demand monitoring, inventory management, ordering, and forecasting.

We also provided a single system for inbound and outbound process management. Then we allowed sophisticated analysis of data, process execution support, root cause analysis, etc. Insights into the data were provided through descriptive names, definitions, and tabs to boost website performance and reduce downtime. Also, we provided for third-party logistics management, freight orders management, and in-transit goods management. Once the development and testing part was settled, we took to search engine optimization for better search engine rankings.

Innovative Design & Development Process


Client Interview, Roadmap Planning, Market Analysis Frontend and SEO Surveys, Site Performance Audit


Start-to-End User Flow, Wireframe Development, Web Designs Based on the Wireframe


Frontend Framework Upgrades, Customize npm Libraries, CSS Modules, AG Grids

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Planning and Research, On-page SEO, Content Optimization, Content Distribution


Code and Database Testing, Regression Testing, Frontend Tests on Real Browsers and Devices

How We Made it Work

Market Research

We conducted in-depth research and looked for the platform models used by competitors. We started with supply chain planning to simplify and integrate demand planning on the cloud.

Operation Automation

Moving on to the supply chain logistics, we automated warehouse management, collaborated through an open logistics network, and simplified field operations management.

Quality Assurance

We ran the scalable and agile operations with cloud MES and then synchronized the production process. Finally, tests were conducted to kill the bugs and optimize the product for search engines.

Technology Stack

The set of technologies we used to develop Ninjacart:

UI/UX Design
Management Tool
Node Js
Back-End Tool
Web Development
Host And Build Websites
ECommerce Platform
Open Source Platform
ECommerce Platform
Programming Language

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