• Finding it difficult to engineer scalable, industry-specific, and future-proof software solutions for your business?
  • Try to leverage our custom software development services and work with cross-functional and agile teams.

Our Suite of Custom Development

Software Consulting 01

As one of the most sought-after custom software development agencies in business, SoftProdigy will analyze your unique development needs, conceptualize the software, and help you get the best value from the development and post-development phase. We will also assist you in choosing the right tech stack by reviewing the pros and cons of each technology.

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In today's highly volatile market landscape, custom software development is the way to stand out from the competition. Our creative team of developers and designers is bound to deliver the right software tailored to your business. We cover everything from custom web development to custom mobile app development and cater to everyone from start-ups to enterprises.

Software Integration 03

Adopting new technology in your current software often comes with challenges. Our custom software developers understand this and use industry-leading techniques to handle all your software implementation and integration challenges. This includes architectural design, software testing, and API execution. Also, we offer custom CRM software development services focused on automating and improving business processes.

What to Expect from Our Custom Development Team?

Quality Software

Deliver exceptional mobile, web, and desktop applications.

At SoftProdigy, we have the expertise in handling custom software development projects of diverse complexities. We first build an MVP, so you can test the efficiency of the software product you are planning to launch. Based on the initial feedback and performance, we make iterations in the software till it exactly aligns with what you actually desired.

Full-stack Team

Work on cutting-edge technology and enterprise solutions.

All of our custom software development projects have a dedicated full-stack development team that works on the product throughout its lifetime to ensure it stays always functional. We know how web interconnectivity can be a potential security risk. That’s why we scrutinize our web applications and software thoroughly to ensure the best security measures are being followed.

Quick Development

Solve real-world problems faster than your competitors.

Be it telecom software development or retail software development, our team of experts with its rich expertise and diverse experience build custom software. No need to rely on trial and error techniques. Optimize all development processes and employ the right agile practices that lead to a reduction in custom software application development time.

Latest Tech Stack

Work with different software development methodologies.

As per your business needs, we will wisely choose the best tech stack and development methodologies like DevOps and Agile. We cover a wide array of technologies and programming languages that are ideal for system architecture, frontend and backend development, and post-delivery maintenance. This will help you simplify routine tasks that accelerate the development process.

Complete Transparency

Keep improving your software even after the launch.

We believe that mutual trust and transparency lead to strong business relationships. So, we keep our clients up to date with the status of their projects and provide a clear view of every technological decision. We use communication tools suited for the rapidly changing digital ecosystem and combine them with the best development practices, so we can keep improving your software even after the launch.

Tech Stack for Custom Development

We rely on the latest tech stack for long-term software evolution. Our custom software developers and engineers employ the proven combination of the latest and classic technologies to build, design, maintain scalable software solutions.

Front-end Development: React, Angular, Vue.js, JavaScript, and Next.js

Back-end Development: Ruby on Rails, Python, Express, Java, and Node.js

Mobile App Development: Swift, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, and React Native

Databases: SQLite, Realm, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB

What’s Our Methodology for Custom Development?

Being one of the top custom software development services provider, we cater to a wide range of industries, including finance, agriculture, sports, and education. Our expert software developers have been providing top-notch software development services to the world’s leading enterprises and offer a matrix structure to ensure redundancy, continuity, and maintenance of the required quality standards.

What Our Clients Say

Client - SoftProdigy

“Though there were delays from my side, thanks for delivering what was promised. You were really patient. The ORM campaign produced definitive and solid results. I was truly impressed and all the deliverables were on time. If somebody were to ask me for something similar, I’d definitely recommend your services.”

James Kellogg

Founder at

Tzachi Frid

“We are extremely happy with the website that SoftProdigy built for us. It’s mobile-responsive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, SEO-friendly, and everything that we asked for. Also, the CMS is intuitive and user-centric. Their team was a pleasure to work with and even offered support post launch. We’d love to work with the team in the future.”

Tzachi Frid

Founder at

Sashank - SoftProdigy

“We started out in January with lots of to-do lists to redesign the existing website. The newly designed website is now completed and I have to say that it looks great! Not only are they professional, but they also possess the patience of a saint. If you’re looking for a level of commitment, SoftProdigy is the team to rely on.”


Founder at

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom development helps you take your business a step ahead. It is built according to your specific requirements. It is a long-term investment that comes with constant maintenance and support options. Plus, custom apps are easier to scale than traditional apps.

The development time of a normal custom software project can vary from three to nine months. The whole scope and timeline depend on the software’s complexity, structure, features, and size as well.

First, our team of developers ensures transparency at all stages of building a custom app with project management tools like Jira and Confluence. We work on the latest technology stack, including AI, NL, blockchain, and IoT. Plus, we use different development methodologies to build custom software that meets your unique needs.

We understand that outsourcing your dream development project can be stressful, but not with us! We make sure that the project is backed by the right technology stacks, communication channels, and security measures. We follow an agile approach to deliver the best development results. Contact us for more details.