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Our Data Science Service Suite

Data Consulting 01

From data visualization to executive decision-making to analytics interventions, we cover it all! Our team of experts comes with expertise across a variety of industries and business functions. We provide clients with consulting services that allow them to address transformational and operational challenges.

Data Engineering 02

Data comes to life when powerful engineering solutions are combined with analytics. Accelerate business growth with data migration and activation. Our data engineers leverage AI/ML to connect the dots. They help you integrate scalable and repeatable practices into your data platform to make data-driven business decisions.

Data Analytics 03

Data is valuable, and losing it can cause you a fortune. Incorporate robust data backup and recovery strategies to protect your business data. From network modernization to wireless networking, we provide real-time updates and analytics. Analyze business data from the sales, development, and marketing stack.

We’re Your Partner in Data Science

Next-gen Technologies

Use innovative techniques to bring data science to life.

Leverage the latest data engineering technologies like DevOps, AI/ML, and cloud computing for semantic architecture, knowledge graphs, and deep neural networks. Through workflow integration of analytics and visualization of information, we help you bring data science to life. Reap the benefits of a world-class internal and external ecosystem comprising technology centers of research-based solutions.

Statistical Programming

Visualize information to make better business decisions.

Whether it’s the development in SAS, SPSS, Python, or other programming languages, our data engineers simplify statistical analysis to help your company leverage the benefits of statistical programming. Visualize information clearly and efficiently via graphs, plots, and infographics. Our data scientists would help you gather, unify, and structure data from multiple sources to support your business’s operations.

Predictive Analytics

Process and analyze a large amount of natural and human data.

Invest in data science, advanced analytics, cloud computing, and machine learning techniques to create predictive models. Our developers will work with your team to improve forecasting, customer classification, and other activities. We create deep learning algorithms using ML to help your company explore more ways to improve business processes through real-time data.

Big Data Expertise

Retrieve valuable insights out of constantly changing data sets.

From big data consulting to implementation, leverage the benefits of big data as a service (BaaS). We assist progressive companies in storing and processing big data in real-time as well as retrieving advanced analytics insights out of huge datasets. Without investing in in-house data mining talents, you can retrieve key insights out of large and heterogeneous data sets.

Faster Insights

Accelerate strategic decisions on and off the track.

To drive business success, you will need fast business insights. With SoftProdigy, evolve your data ecosystem from an archaic to a modern process. We assist everyone from Fortune 500 executives to startups to help them improve their business processes and reduce the time to actionable insights. Experience cloud-based data warehousing, analytics, storage, migration, and modernization.

Our Tech Stack for Data Science

At SoftProdigy, we sit at the intersection of business and technology. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts uses structured approaches and frameworks to solve unstructured problems. Tools and technologies we use for data science are:

Libraries: Apache Spark, Amazon Machine Learning, and Azure Machine Learning

Programming languages: Python, Java, R, C++, and Scala

Frameworks: Apache Mahout, Apache MXNet, and OpenCV

Databases: MongoDB, CouchDB, and BigchainDB

Our Methodology for Data Science

Data science is an ever-evolving field, and it is not only about predicting business outputs. So, we wear different hats and are responsible for business understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation, and deployment. Each of these tasks is linked to each other through a data science methodology, indicating the routine for finding solutions. Explore our comprehensive data science services to enhance your business insights.

What Our Clients Say

Client - SoftProdigy

“Though there were delays from my side, thanks for delivering what was promised. You were really patient. The ORM campaign produced definitive and solid results. I was truly impressed and all the deliverables were on time. If somebody were to ask me for something similar, I’d definitely recommend your services.”

James Kellogg

Founder at

Tzachi Frid

“We are extremely happy with the website that SoftProdigy built for us. It’s mobile-responsive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, SEO-friendly, and everything that we asked for. Also, the CMS is intuitive and user-centric. Their team was a pleasure to work with and even offered support post launch. We’d love to work with the team in the future.”

Tzachi Frid

Founder at

Sashank - SoftProdigy

“We started out in January with lots of to-do lists to redesign the existing website. The newly designed website is now completed and I have to say that it looks great! Not only are they professional, but they also possess the patience of a saint. If you’re looking for a level of commitment, SoftProdigy is the team to rely on.”


Founder at

Frequently Asked Questions

Since your competitors are increasingly utilizing data, your customers expect precisely that from you. Data science-backed operations and processes can boost client satisfaction and improve sales. This will help you gain experiences in future patterns that you can use for vital planning and decision-making. Whereas, if you don’t actively invest in data science, your business could be overtaken and left behind by the competition in the age of the data renaissance.

You may have been using an existing reporting platform, but you might not have the capability or expertise to solve major data issues yourself. Essentially, if you have business insights that you believe are hidden deep within your data, you should hire a data scientist. A skilled data scientist will help you make sense of your business data and derive insights from it to make important decisions.

It’s important to seek out an experienced data scientist or engineer with clear expertise and a strong background in the subject. They need to be experts in their field with proficiencies in predictive analytics, data pipelines, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. They should be able to carry your data science goals through from start to finish.

Besides our consulting services, we also assemble cross-functional teams of senior project managers, data scientists, software engineers, designers, business strategists, and other experts. Our team follows a well-defined development process to build fully functional solutions for data management, storage, migration, modernization, etc. To learn more about our data science solutions, talk to us directly!