What Makes Magento E-commerce Development Worth Every Penny for Small and Medium Businesses

E-commerce stores are emerging as the preferred medium of shopping for people from every demographic and age group. Across the world, people are shifting buying habits and the online shopping fever has been caught on by every generation. In such a scenario, it is vital for online stores to ramp up their game as well as make sure their store is ready for the increased volume of online shoppers. 

Small business retailers who are considering building a robust e-commerce site and making a switch to selling online should start with similar fundamentals that they use to establish their retail store. They could hire certified Magento developers in India and brief them to build a store that resonates with their store’s personality and advocates the ideals that their business follows.

Magento is an open-source content management system. It allows small and medium businesses to create websites that are specific to their needs. Currently considered as the leader in e-commerce platforms, Magento offers an array of benefits for online store development. The chief benefits of Magento platform include:

  • Pocket-Friendly

As a start-up or small and medium business, choosing Magento e-commerce solutions is the best way to go digital. The Magento community edition is free for small and medium businesses so, you there is decidedly less technical overload, which in turn reduces the investment cost, and thus offers more profits.

  • Magento Helps Businesses Go Global

Magento is chosen by business across the globe for its diverse features. One of the most significant advantages of this technology is that it develops multi-dimensional stores with diverse currency features. By offering easy payment gateways for diverse currencies, Magento e-commerce solutions can enhance the reach of any business and boost their ROI.

  • Responsive to All Gadgets

Basically, in this digital age, an online store should be accessible from all devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more. For this, a responsive e-commerce store is needed which works flawlessly on all types and sizes of screens. A Magento store has the potential to boost your sales by a whopping 70% in most cases. Small and medium business cannot afford to lose on the online customer base. Therefore, it is imperative to hire dedicated Magento developers to create a feature-rich, fully functional, responsive web store.

  • SEO e-commerce Web Solutions

Magento has the right features required to create a high end, Search Engine Optimized e-commerce solution. This is primarily important as an optimized store increases the chances of organic searches; thus, boosting search engine rankings. It can help make businesses popular on the search engines and improve their rankings on the SERP. When a business is sought after on the Internet, it can expect naturally good sales, higher ROI, and greater customer retention. 

  • Highly Customizable

For a business owner who wants to create a bespoke store that has a personal touch, specific functionality, and precise look and feel, hiring the best Magento web developer is the way to go. As Magento is highly customizable, it offers multiple features and plug-ins for a vastly customized e-commerce solution. 

  • Superior Customer Experience

When a business hires the best Magento Development Company for its web store design, it ends up getting an online store with layered routes, email facilities, authentic payment gateways, easy to access features, high customer interaction and above all a smart looking store. These are all the ingredients required to build a superior customer experience which ensures that they are retained for a more extended period. Therefore, with Magento e-commerce services, they not only create web stores but also build a totally satisfied customer base. This is the key to multiplying customers, increasing sales, and advancing extra returns on any investment.

Why Choose Magento for your E-commerce Store?

As more and more people move online, retailers and brands need to strategize about how they can leverage their infrastructure. When scouting for talent, they need to make sure they hire the best Magento developer in India who understands the finer points of online retail. 

  • Mobile-friendly website: Mobile shopping accounts for 50% of online transactions. By creating a mobile-friendly experience for the visitors, the business will improve time invested onsite, conversion rate, and SEO performance.
  • Robust security compliance: Security of information, data, and customer privacy are extremely important considerations. When these are ensured, the store is less susceptible to threats and attacks.
  • Streamlined and secure checkout process: Hire a Magento developer in India who is able to focus on balancing usability with aesthetics, and building trust. A good measure of this is if the checkout process is so simple that a five-year-old or 95-year-old can successfully make a purchase.
  • Product ratings and reviews: The dedicated Magento developer from India must create a section where the customers do the selling for the business through user-generated reviews.
  • Social proof: In a world which is increasingly becoming more social, it is important for the business owner to create trust and authenticity by allowing visitors to connect with the business’s social profiles (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).
  • Personalization: Delivering personal experiences on e-commerce sites is achieved by dynamically showing content, product recommendations, and specific offers based on browsing behaviour, previous actions, prior purchase history, customer demographics, and other enriched personal data. As compared to traditional retail, e-commerce does not include a retail salesperson to recommend products based on interest, preferences, or taste. Human touch-points provide many opportunities to beat out the competition. However, in case of an online retail store, the business owner needs to rely on the magic of personalization – mimicking what a consumer’s in-store experience would be, through a personalized customer journey online.

Once you’ve established the requirements or must-haves for a minimally viable e-commerce store, you can identify options in the marketplace that fit your needs based on your budget. An inviting and trustworthy online store can see a small and medium scale business through to greater success.