SoftProdigy is Now Magento Certified Solution Specialist

SoftProdigy has been working in the domain of e-commerce and has been extending expert Magento development services to the online retail community for quite a long time. With time, it has continued to make a mark for itself in the industry and has grown to be regarded as an authority in the niche. The team at SoftProdigy has been diligently working to provide flawless services to help clients in the task of setting up, building, designing, and maintaining an online e-commerce store. The team recently reached a new level of distinction when it was awarded the merit of being a Magento certified Solution Specialist. This has opened up various new avenues and opportunities for our partners and has established us as a trusted Magento partner to the businesses that are seeking to set up their online stores using Magento.

Magento offers great solutions for online retailers to set up their business. However, the process of building a successful e-commerce Magento site requires experienced and talented developers to turn the client’s vision into reality. A Magento specialist can help the client align his business goals with tangible e-commerce solutions that are feasible and realistic. As certified Magento developers, the team at SoftProdigy can assist clients with the following services:

  • The team is adept at providing the right guidance and consultation that can successfully lay the foundation of an effective online business. The team can help the client understand the nuances of the process and provide direction about what is good for the business, what can do done, and what is out of scope or irrelevant for the project so that the client can get the work done in the perfect manner.
  • The team works in collaboration with the client and starts by understanding the business, the vision, and goals. This lays the foundation of an effective understanding of the project which reflects in the way the website turns out.
  • The team works in collaboration with the client to devise solutions that are in line with the requirements, and are yet futuristic and unique.
  • The scope of the project and the website architecture is discussed at length and the team helps the client understand the finer points and lay the right foundation of the business.
  • Since an online business cannot flourish without expert marketing, the team makes sure the website is marketable by way of ease of navigation and also by incorporating elements of customer delight. The team makes sure the website is geared for advancement and adaptable to the changing trends in the world of internet driven business.

SoftProdigy is proficient at providing end to end solutions to the client. This is made possible as the team is proficient in diverse fields including business, technology, marketing, and at the same time in the key e-commerce solutions provided through Magento. The certification has given a major boost to the team which is taking this opportunity to work with greater enthusiasm and vigor, and at the same time striving to achieve even greater heights.