Six Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is The Best Web Development Technology Even in 2020

25 years since Ruby was first launched and 15 years since the Rails framework was added, it still remains as one of the best web development choices by developers all across the world. Well-known for its innumerable capabilities, ease of use, and robustness, a large base of developers still prefer to use it at the core of their projects. A variety of reasons contribute to its popularity even in 2020:

  • The Cost Factor

Ruby on Rails development services is extremely popular as it is an open-source technology. This factor significantly reduces the licensing needs and added expenses of running a website, which is why most start-ups and small businesses prefer to use it.

The technology is ideal for constructing a content management system, forums, social networking websites, and even e-commerce websites. A Ruby on Rails development company can help you run any type of dynamic portals using this technology. It can help build outstanding applications that include great features and promise high efficiency. It not only helps save the development cost (which is a one-time expenditure), but also limits the recurring maintenance cost as well.

  • Quick Development Process

Whether it is an enterprise application or an e-commerce requirement, business owners prefer to hire Ruby on Rails programmers for legit reasons. Speed and efficiency of coding is the prime reason for its popularity. Developing a project by hiring a ROR developer has been proven to take less than half the time as compared to other programming languages. The reason for this swiftness can be attributed to the fact that Ruby code can be written faster.

At the same time, less number of lines of code are needed in the case of RoR, which enables it to be implemented faster. Since the coding language does not depend on configurations, the programmer can finish the code much faster. Additionally, RoR has a number of reusable code libraries that can significantly reduce the time taken to code as well as the code-complexity of any project.

  • Reliable and Secure

A number of successful and very well-known projects such as Shopify, Zendesk, SoundCloud, Airbnb, and Crunchbase have used Ruby on Rails in the background. This is because Ruby on Rails promises security and reliability like no other language. It uses REST API, which enables the developers to use standard protocols for their web apps to keep them secure. The quality and security assurance process with RoR includes multiple security as well as inject-related checks. The availability of automated testing and neat code also contribute to RoR’s secure code.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Ruby on Rails enables the creation of clean code snippets as it is well-optimized for programmers. This is one of the main reasons why RoR has been established as a consistent and a maintenance-friendly framework. Since it is simple to understand and the code is clean and extensible, the coder can pick up from where he left or a new developer can easily understand the old code. Fast and easy maintenance has long term benefits for projects that are understood by the business owner over time.

6 Reasons That make Ruby on Rails the best
  • Suitable for Responsive and Modern Needs

Ruby on Rails can synchronize extremely well with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, and other web programming as well as scripting languages. It provides a direct access to code or scripts that are written by using these languages. It assists in the running development as well as designing process in a well-coordinated manner. Therefore, developing modern, responsive, and robust applications by using Ruby on Rails framework is the preferred way to go for most developers.

  • Large Developers’ Community

Since Ruby on Rails is an open-source technology, it has a big developer community. The technology is backed, maintained, and supported by a large community of developers who work tirelessly to keep the technology updated and bug free and provide assistance to developers stuck in a pickle. Regular updates and extensions shared on the community enables RoR programmers to stay up-to-date and use the new code libraries easily.

  • Bug-Free Development

Ruby on Rails encourages test-driven and behaviour-driven development. As a result, the framework reduces the chances of bugs in the code. At the same time, the framework incorporates a number of comprehensive tools that offer various useful testing features.

Ruby on Rails is a reliable web development framework that is trusted by developers all over the world to develop all kinds of performance-intensive web applications in a quick and easy manner. The technology has had a strong presence that spans decades and is sure to stay in the market for times to come. It is flexible, consistent, and productive, which is why it can be easily applied for a large selection of projects. It contains a variety of plug-ins and modules, which allow developers to save time and not write repetitive codes.

The most important point that makes Ruby on Rails a future-proof framework is the fact that it is scalable. This works well, especially for start-ups that want to start small and expand as the business picks up. As the traffic on the app improves, it can be scaled to cope with the increased number of visitors. Ruby on Rails enables efficient workflow and offers the ability to create truly amazing products

Summary: Ruby on Rails, despite being around for almost three decades, has adapted well to the changing landscape of the apps industry. It is still regarded as the best development framework in 2020 for various unique features that it offers.