Ruby on Rails for Startups: A Match Made in Heaven

Powering 4.5% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know, Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an ingenious framework out there. It comprises all the elements modern-day programmers and developers need to build high-performing web apps. That’s jargon!

The question is, how good is RoR for startups? And most importantly, what can you build using this web development framework? Let’s dive deep into this blog post to understand the true potential of a RoR Development Company. Here we go!

Reasons Why Startups Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

There are a number of reasons why RoR has become a critical technology for startups that want to transform their business into high-performing applications. Here’s why you should hire RoR developers:

1. Open-Source

Being an open-source framework, RoR has a large community and ecosystem of developers, programmers, and other professionals. When you need technical support or want to make changes, there are multitudes of strangers out there to seek help from.

2. Efficiency

It offers efficient web solutions to a diverse range of startup ideas. For instance, it comes with an array of tools and modules that allow any startup to save plenty of time. Avoid writing boilerplate code and build web applications 30 to 40% faster than other tech stacks.

3. Scalability

Hire RoR developers and scale up your application to match the evolving business sphere. Turn your startup idea into a reality using a gamut of plugins- free from glitches. Further, if your application has a larger user base, a RoR Development Company can ensure that the app will cope with all the visitors.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

 The distribution of Ruby on Rails is done under the MIT license. This means you don’t have to spend any money on the framework. It is surrounded by an ecosystem of free tools that will speed up the development process. Hence, let you focus on the core value of your product.

5. Testing

Since the advent of RoR 6, testing has become a complete breeze. Parallel tests can work alongside active support. No long email trails or any delay in the production. This ensures that your web application is stable when you release it into the business world.

Popular Companies That Hire Ruby Developers

Now that you know why startups choose RoR as part of their tech stack, here are some popular startup businesses that became successful using Rails.

  • Airbnb: The huge prominence of this hospitality platform is backed by Ruby developers. The framework ensures scalability to facilitate rapid development to make room for new functionalities throughout the expansion of Airbnb.
  • Shopify: Developed on Rails, Shopify allows businesses to build their online stores and access plenty of customization options. It supports a user base of over 500k businesses and delivers excellent functionalities and features.
  • Twitter: This social media platform has a massive impact on how users consume content online. It was developed using RoR and jQuery with Webpack. Later, Twitter used Scala to overhaul its operations, but Rails is still a key part of its backend.
  • GitHub: Acquired by Microsoft, GitHub is an online platform for the developer community. Its code repository was entirely developed on RoR.
  • Basecamp: The creators of Ruby built a web application named Basecamp. This is a project management tool built with RoR and 2 million+ people use it. 

Over to You Now!

Startups that hire RoR developers are already seizing the benefits of Rails. And the numbers are escalating every passing day. After all, there are not many frameworks like Ruby on Rails that are as flexible and adaptable as it is. On top of everything, this framework is not limited to a single industry or application. However, it spans from entertainment to Fintech to social media.

Looking forward to building your software with Rails? Hire RoR developers today.


Q1. What are the best use cases of Rails?

Some of the best use cases of Ruby on Rails include web application development, e-commerce development, media streaming app development, and software as a service (SaaS).

Q2. Are there any drawbacks of Rails?

Ruby on Rails is hugely dependent on the prior knowledge and expertise of the Ruby language. Your app won’t work properly if the developer is incapable of finding Ruby-specific solutions.

Q3.Should I hire RoR developers in a different time zone?

Of course, yes! You can hire Ruby developers to work in a time zone. Be it EST, CST, MST, or GMT, our developers have proven experience working with clients in different time zones.