Online Price Negotiation with the New SoftProdigy’s Magento Extension

In recent years, e-commerce is getting more and more attention from entrepreneurs, organizations and customers, both local and international. The technological Internet capabilities have dramatically transformed the shopping habits of the population at large. E-commerce has proved that time is the essence and hence it stepped in and replaced the traditional marketing methods. About the prices, online shopping always delivers the best deals and prices. Moreover, the payment methods are easy and quick. There is no time boundation too. You can purchase any time of the day and any day of the week. Just sit back and wait for the ordered goods to be delivered at your doorstep.

SoftProdigy is one of the leading e-commerce extension specialized company that has introduced some fabulous range of Magento extensions which further enhanced the shopping experience. The organization has become popular with its products in a very short span of time and it has released a new “Magento Price Request Quote” and with this you may encourage customers to buy more products by allowing them to negotiate the cost for those products. They are free to suggest their own best-suited price for each product right in the product list. Admins can accept/reject or can negotiate customer’s suggested price accordingly and propose a final price.

Fortunately downloading this extension is affordable and utilization of this extension will help the retailers to sell bulk products. Magento itself is a very powerful e-commerce platform and hence needs to be customized to be B2B software. SoftProdigy seeks to solve a myriad of Magento biggest lack, the lack of quotation handler.