Lean Software Development: Everything You Need to Know To Speed Up The Dev Time

The IT industry advances and evolves every minute. No wonder one or more innovations appear in the digital ecosystem regularly. Often, enterprises fail to pay attention, given all the noise. Therefore, today, we will enlighten you about the breakthrough in the industry “Lean software development.”

Lean software development is gaining a lot of momentum among businesses for good reasons only. It ensures faster delivery while offering higher value to the end-user. But what is Lean development in the first place? 

  • What is lean development?

It is a methodology adopted from the manufacturing industry. But currently, it has use cases in several other domains like UX, management, startups, and software development. Lean development refers to the process of eliminating everything unnecessary and optimizing development times. In the end, Lean development delivers what is essential and needed for the product. 

Given these features of Lean software development, Lean projects emerge as more successful. In addition to this, they quicken time-to-market. If you want to ensure a victorious project, go for Lean software development. When you hire full-stack developers, do not forget to check their backgrounds, skills, and experience. But before that, you need to know the principles of Lean software development that speed up the time-to-market. Let us explore them!

  • Seven principles that lead to faster development of Lean software
    • Waste elimination –According to lean methodology, anything that does not add value to the final product is waste. How does this work?

      Lean advocates each development stage and activity and asks this question: Is it necessary for achieving desired results? If not, it has to be removed. Lean philosophy aims to remove these wastes, like quality issues, unwanted code and features, delays, task switching, relearning, etc. Please remember, your full-stack development company must know about the common waste.
    • Amplifying learning – Relearning is costly and time-consuming. For this reason, “amplify learning” comes into the picture. Being the second principle of Lean development, it depends on creating and retaining knowledge. Your developers can use tools that can help in amplifying learning, including user story mapping tools. 
    • Deferring commitment – Deferring or delaying commitment is a concept that explains that requirements change depending on several factors. They are customers’ feedback, the market demands, and the latest technologies. So, here the role of Lean is to eliminate all possible uncertainty through experimenting and testing iteratively.
    • Faster delivery – The ultimate goal of Lean development is to optimize for adding value to the end-user. So, Lean makes sure the built product successfully fulfills the customers’ needs. Also, it leads to fast delivery without any defects. Lean speed up the development time by:
      • Supporting collaboration and effective communication
      • Focusing on continuous integration 
      • Using the MoSCoW approach 
      • Considering systems that support testing & feedback without delays
      • Identifying needs and obstacles regularly
    • Empowering team – Another essential principle of Lean development is to empower team members. While burnout is common in software development, Lean keeps “Respect for people” as their top priority.
    • Building integrity – Integrity and quality are synonyms to each other. So, building integrity means the quality of the code. It is also called “Build quality in.” Please remember, reducing waste and building quality work hand-in-hand. With short iteration and testing, Lean can help your full-stack development services provider build quality. 
    • Optimizing the whole value stream – Lean principle enables teams to optimize the entire value stream. As a result, it builds unity among them to share the responsibility and objectives. It eventually leads to better performance. 

In closing 

Undoubtedly, the primary goal of Lean software development is to remove waste and deliver quick and efficient services. All this leads to boosting the experience of the end-user. But if you want your Lean project to be successful, hire the best full-stack development services. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose MEAN stack development or MERN stack development. 

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