• Can your brand stand the test of ongoing digital shift? Achieve marketing relevance and make your brand relevant to users with accessible User Experience design services.
  • Deliver a dynamic, contextual, functional, and aesthetic user experience. Let your user-centric designs tell the tale of your brand.

Product Design Team Functions

UI/UX Design01

For a UI/UX design to work in the current digital era, it needs to allow clear navigation, a logical flow, compelling aesthetics, responsiveness, flexibility, efficiency, and testability. At SoftProdigy, we create digital products that check all these boxes and more.

Product Design02

From turning ideas into concepts to prototyping and product launch, the journey of product design is elaborate and rigorous. Get on your pathway of growth with our product design services where we build customer-centric products that rule the markets.

UX Review03

Identify user needs, validate design decisions, and find out if your product is meeting its goals with a thorough UX review done by our experts. We will review the interface, usability, navigation, design, and overall performance of your products and recommend an upgrade.

Why Mobile & Web UX/UI Design?

Information Architecture (IA)

Building efficient, intuitive, and satisfactory designs.

Make it easy for the users to understand and navigate through your product. Through our rigorous IA process, we create site maps, navigation structure, taxonomy, labels, links, and sections to organize a design. Then we work on enhancing the search functionality and navigation of the design. In the end, we plan and create suitable content for the design. Our step-by-step process of Information Architecture helps businesses deliver a delightful User Experience (UX). In the end, we create engaging and high-performing digital products that satisfy the needs of the users.

Interaction Design (IxD)

Interact, Engage, Convert with a thought-through Interaction Design.

User experience is all about user interactions and we make sure that happens well. We work with words, visuals, spacing, objects, behavior, and time to ensure that user interactions are smooth and hassle-free. We define the possible interactions users will make with the design, set clues for user behavior, anticipate and mitigate errors, provide timely feedback, and set the size and formats of the elements. It all comes together with our design strategy, wireframing and prototyping, and user behavior analysis. Through our IxD process, we focus on maximizing conversion rates and minimizing abandonment rates of your website or app. It also increases the engagement rate of an app, offers better accessibility, boosts scalability, and enhances user experience.

Usability Testing

Are your users satisfied? Test how they interact with your products.

Don’t let your digital product be out and about without adequate testing. SoftProdigy will help you test your product with a small group of users before it hits the market. We run trials at our workshops and then choose a group of participants to test the usability of your UI/UX design. We observe and record the actions, behavior, interaction patterns, and feedback of these participants to make amends in the design and make it better. We run moderated and unmoderated tests, lab-based tests, and remote tests. This way, we create a user experience that is actually led by the real users!

UX Strategy

Strategize, execute, analyze with the experts of UX design.

Get a step ahead of your competitors with a goof proof UX strategy in place. SoftProdigy will help you improve your overall user experience by strategizing for the best results. Our process includes defining the objectives and goals, identifying the target audience, and drafting a plan to achieve the goals. The idea is to deliver a satisfying, positive user experience which in turn brings successful returns for the business. In UX strategy creation, we research the target audience, set goals, audit the digital products, create user personas, build journey maps, create prototypes, and then test.

Our Tools of Trade

UI and UX are two different facets of User Experience that work hand-in-hand. While UI focuses on the interface, UX is the overall experience users get when they interact with your product. We keep track of an array of UI/UX design tools, so you don't have to.

UI/UX: Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Prototyping: Adobe XD, Invision Studio, Sketch, and Figma.

Graphic Design: Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe Animate.

Collaboration: Zeplin, Invision, and Adobe Cloud.

What’s Our Design Methodology?

We keep your users at the center of the User Experience Design services, process with the best design practices, tools, and strategies. We combine our years of experience in design with your intimate industry knowledge to uncover the full potential of our design solutions. Discover insightful user research, surveys, personas, and stories. Define information, architecture, site maps, layouts, and user journey. Deliver paper prototypes, mock-ups, and UI/UX design strategies.

What Our Clients Say

Client - SoftProdigy

“Though there were delays from my side, thanks for delivering what was promised. You were really patient. The ORM campaign produced definitive and solid results. I was truly impressed and all the deliverables were on time. If somebody were to ask me for something similar, I’d definitely recommend your services.”

James Kellogg

Founder at

Tzachi Frid

“We are extremely happy with the website that SoftProdigy built for us. It’s mobile-responsive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, SEO-friendly, and everything that we asked for. Also, the CMS is intuitive and user-centric. Their team was a pleasure to work with and even offered support post launch. We’d love to work with the team in the future.”

Tzachi Frid

Founder at

Sashank - SoftProdigy

“We started out in January with lots of to-do lists to redesign the existing website. The newly designed website is now completed and I have to say that it looks great! Not only are they professional, but they also possess the patience of a saint. If you’re looking for a level of commitment, SoftProdigy is the team to rely on.”


Founder at

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of the UI/UX design may vary depending on the complexity and requirements of your project. You can talk to us directly to determine your reasonable project cost.

Yes! Our team carries out thorough user research and competitive analysis to determine the required user behavior and journeys. Subsequently, we’ll create personas of your ideal customers and then engage in A/B testing to see whether they are performing the correct behavior.

Whether it’s about increasing contact form submissions, improving the number of online purchases, or helping sales associates better follow up with leads, you will need UI/UX design for a number of purposes. If there’s a goal you want your website or mobile app to achieve, make sure you consult a UI/UX professional.

UX involves analyzing the user interaction with a website or mobile app. The aim is to turn visitors into customers by providing a splendid visual journey. On the other hand, UI is all about the actual presentation of the product. It includes visual elements like icons, colors, buttons, fonts, images, etc.