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Know Why Discord Switched to React Native Developers for Android

5 Reasons Why Discord Uses React Native for Android
Discord recently announced that it will work on a streamlined Android app developed with React Native developers. Read more about the announcement in this post. ...
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Medicine On-Demand: How it’s Changing the Healthcare Industry for Good

A Look at the Evolving Sphere of E-Pharma and Online Medicine
On-demand apps are changing healthcare for good. There is a drastic shift in how we purchase medicine online. Learn more about medicine on-demand....
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Tips for React Native App Development Company to Ensure Better Security

Best security practices for React Native developers.
Security is crucial to protect your React Native app from online threats. To know how React Native app development companies secure applications, read here. ...
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Best Practices for Flutter App Developers to Simplify the Development

App Development with Flutter
Flutter is a popular framework that lets developers create robust apps. Here, we have listed best practices that Flutter developers can use to ease the development process....
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Discussed: How React Native Developers Resolve Development Pitfalls?

Solving Common React Native Development Issues
Developing applications with React Native brings some challenges for developers. Here, we have discussed common React Native development issues with solutions....
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React Native Rolls out New Architecture: Everything You Need to Know

New React Native Architecture
The new React Native architecture is available for commercial use. It offers several updated features and fixes crucial bugs. To know more, read here....
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How to Boost the User Experience for React Native Application with Lottie?

Lottie to Improve UX for React Native
Lottie is an excellent open-source animation tool that helps improve the user experience of your React Native app. To know how to add this tool, here is a must-read article....
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