Benefits & Challenges of Salesforce & Drupal Integration

Drupal is a solid, and an all-encompassing Content Management System (CMS) tool on its own, but when coupled with effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce, you will be able to leverage its power like never before, to rapidly extend your organization’s capabilities when it comes to tracking transactions and customer behavior and interactions.With the seamless integration of Salesforce and Drupal, you would be able to effectively leverage important CRM data on the Drupal site. Drupal would be a super-flexible interface which would be sending important data for processing and analysis. You could have an easy access to different approaches which are fruitful enough to offer brilliant solutions for everybody.

A wide assortment of strategies is open to you for integrating Drupal with Salesforce. You could choose Web-to-Lead forms of Salesforce or opt for third-party form providers. Alternatively, you could be executing bi-directional synchronization through Drupal Salesforce Suite’s modules.

Salesforce Drupal Integration

Today it is possible for you to transform your Drupal site completely into a fantastic sales, marketing, and even customer engagement solution which is best suited to your company thanks to the integration with Salesforce’s well-known Customer Relationship Management software. In this context, you must understand that Drupal is well-known, much trusted, fully-established, and an accepted Content Management System or CMS which is actually being used for the creation of websites meant for big shot organizations worldwide. You simply cannot undermine the pivotal role played by the no.1 Salesforce CRM tool and once you incorporate Salesforce CRM into specifically, the Drupal website, you would be way ahead of the competition.

It is no longer challenging to manage numerous customer relationships, chalk out, and keep tracking objectives and goals, keep generating reports and letting your team establish direct cloud accessibility through desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This seamless integration between Drupal and Salesforce DX has worked wonders and opened up avenues that were considered impossible not too long ago.

What You Get Out of the Integration

The Salesforce-Drupal integration works incredibly to ensure the following deliverables to your business:

  • 1. Saving money and time by having access to a customizable and entirely integrated system.
  • 2. A big boost to your site’s potential, and also company-wide simplification of operational processes.
  • 3. Creation and update process of forms is easier than ever before and without any glitches.
  • 4. All Drupal entities are synchronized to perfection.
  • 5. Donations, email campaigns, and e-commerce are integrated seamlessly and effectively.
  • 6. Unidirectional or bidirectional data sharing between Salesforce and all Drupal-based websites.


If you are able to get a Drupal-Salesforce integration deployed for your operations, there is no doubt that you will enjoy streamlined and optimized business processes in the short and long term, thus boosting sales and also making the entire process much more comfortable and effective. That said there are some challenges along the way. The flexibility and customizability of Salesforce could prove to be troublesome when it comes to the consistency of your back-end. Also, Drupal installations are all unique because of the different modules and customizations that they use, so integration has to be set up in a different manner by an expert. Not every integration module is “plug and play”, so special care must be taken to ensure compatibility and effectiveness. For more information, please visit Flosum.

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