5 Things to Know About Umbraco and Dotnetnuke

A great variety of CMSs is available out in the market and no matter what kind of website you’re working on, you’ll find one best suited CMS for it!

That’s how vast the choice is! But most developers avoid having too many choices. This is because it takes a lot of time and effort to learn different CMSs as there can be varied features and tools in each of them.

So, the best thing that the designers and developers can do is to experience and master the best of the CMSs.

You can choose one, two or three from a number of great CMSs available out there. And if you’re looking for the best ASP.NET based CMS, Umbraco by the Umbraco Development Company and DotNetNuke can be termed as the best two.

So, before you choose one from these or if you’re already using any of these CMSs, there are some things that you need to know.

  • 1. Umbraco:

Umbraco is an open source CMS which can be used to publish the content of websites by using WWW and intranets.

Because of the dedicated Umbraco developers, this CMS is known to be fully featured and it can run a great variety of content ranging from a small brochure to huge media websites.

The tools and features by the Umbraco CMS, allow designers, whether a beginner or a professional, to create stunning websites. Hence, Umbraco can be used for the custom web development services too.

Here is a list of 5 things you must know before you choose Umbraco:

  1. a. Multilingual Websites: Umbraco lets you design multilingual websites. So, with the help of this CMS, you can design and publish the websites using any language of your choice. You can also build your own language in the website with the multilingual tools of back-office.

  2. b. Responsive Back-Office: You can use your laptop, mobile, or tablet to edit your content using Umbraco. With the newer updates, it is no longer necessary to use the mouse for editing content. In the latest version of this CMS, Umbraco 7, Umbraco Development Company has introduced responsive back office to help you edit your text on-the-go!

  3. c. A lot of testing is done: The new version of Umbraco has been tested a number of times so that the best is delivered to the users. This CMS has been tested by 500+ web designers, developers, and content creators. This is one of the best features of Umbraco – dedicated Umbraco developers always keep room for improvement.

  4. d. Beginner help: For the ones who are using CMS for the first time, Umbraco comes with the starter help. This includes the starter kits and starter skins that are easy to use and can help the beginners create some great websites.

  5. e. Streamlined Codebase: Umbraco makes sure that the designers and developers use the latest techniques and methods while creating websites. This is the reason why the improved versions of this CMS are created by getting rid of the old and obsolete codes. So, the code consistency is maintained.

With these great features, the dedicated Umbraco developers strive to bring the best to you. This is the reason why this CMS is highly regarded in the market.

  • 2. DotNetNuke:

Presently known as DNN, the DotNetNuke is known to be one of the best .NET CMS available in the market.

This CMS is known for its popular easy-to-use UI and easy installation process and so, it is loved by the designers, developers and content creators.

The Dotnetnuke programmerspay special heed towards making this CMS more user-friendly as compared to others.

If you’re planning on using this CMS or if you’re already a user, you must have a look at these 5 things to know about DotNetNuke:

  1. a. Responsive Website Designs: DNN or DotNetNuke allows you to create websites with responsive designs. You can create your own website which is compatible with all the devices that are web-operated. It also allows you to use different media formats.

  2. b. Highly Customizable: Of all the CMSs, DNN can be called as the most customizable one. You can easily customize the skin and can personalize the websites as required. The skins are also highly compatible with all the important web browsers like internet explorer, safari, etc.

  1. c. SEO Friendly Websites: Websites made with the help of DNN CMS, are SEO friendly. So, there is no need to put in extra efforts towards the SEO of the website as it is already SEO-friendly since its development.

  2. d. Usage of Bootstrap Framework: To maintain a consistent graph throughout different screen resolutions, the DNN CMS uses the Bootstrap Framework. This gives consistency to your website.

  3. e. Hassle-Free Installation: The Dotnetnuke programmers make sure that the user of this CMS doesn’t face any sort of hassle. So, along with all the other features that make this CMS stand out from the rest of CMSs available in market, its most important features is its easy installation.

So, now that you know more about these two revolutionary CMSs, you can make the right and a clear choice as to which one you’re going to use!