5 Reasons Why Developers Prefer Xamarin for Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Modern businesses require extremely powerful and unique mobile applications for significant success on both corporate and financial front. Thanks to the electric fast growth of mobile application development sector, and the consistently increasing interest of customer’s in mobility.

But Why?

A number of carriers, devices and software have become an integral part of the daily life of customers throughout the world. As a result, almost 80% CEO’s are meditating on strengthening their company’s presence on industrial front by delivering almost 30% of their business products/services to their valuable customers at the touch of the fingers. For this purpose, they definitely need an effective cross-platform mobile application.

What Helps Develop Such a Mobile App?

Almost 40% businesses are conceptualizing the idea of deploying a cross platform mobile application to serve their 60% customers. This is exactly why Xamarin, introduced in the year 2011, is utilized for the purpose of cross platform mobile app development.

Xamarin in Brief:

Knowing Xamarin in brief will help you understand why it is recognized as the best tool for developing cross platform mobile applications. Let’s review it in points below:

Xamarin is considered to be the best platform for the development of cross-platform applications for mobile.
Xamarin works through the Mono Framework and develops effective communication with the API (Application Program interface) that are related to the common mobile device functions mentioned below for popular Android and Windows operating systems:

1. Contacts
2. Camera
3. Geographical Locations

Xamarin developers can utilize for the development of extremely robust apps using C# programming language compatible with the CLI (Common Language Infrastructure).
It has the reputation of “write once, run anywhere”.

Xamarin is the King of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development:

Businesses are advised to thoroughly study the requirements of end users before finalizing a platform supported by their business application. Cross platform mobile app development is the best medium for exceeding end user’s requirements and expectations significantly across various devices.

Flurry Analytics Says:

Flurry Analytics carried out a study in this regard in 2014. As per facts brought to light by this study, mobile users spend at least 162 minutes on their android and iOS devices on a daily basis. All of these users tend to spend 86% of this time period on mobile apps as compared to 14% time on mobile browsers. Looking at the facts, it is clear that Xamarin mobile app development is here to stay for a long time.

The Best Advice for Mobile App Development Businesses/Xamarin Developers:

Time and tide wait for none! Therefore, Xamarin developers always need to come up with an effective strategy for the development of cross-platform applications for Android, windows or iOS based mobile devices customized to a client’s business.

This is why we are presenting 5 core reasons for businesses to make the most of Xamarin cross-platform mobile app development. Let’s take a good look at the reasons below:

Native Applications:
Without any doubt, native design acts as perfectly preferred solution for any sort of application. At such a crucial juncture, Xamarin visual studio (IDE) ensure code completion in C#. It is technically very solid medium for seeking some of the advantages mentioned below:

Native User Interface:
Access to the specific features of device
Native performance
In simple words, code sharing across various platforms is a cakewalk to help you cut-short the development cycle significantly.

Shared Application logic:
In addition to the UI, the way application logic is shared across various platforms makes Xamarin Visual Studio an essential tool to be utilized for the development of cross-platform mobile applications. Following are some of the application logics underlying the UI layer coded once using C# language:

1. Input validation
2. Web service calls
3. Database interactions
4. Backend enterprise interactions

The major advantage is that Xamarin developers can easily share almost 75% code across different operating systems and reuse it. It save a lot of time and leaves very less chances for bugs to creep in.

Integration of API:
It has the capacity of binding the same API’s (Application Program Interface) and UI (User Interface) controls specifically utilized in the process of Xamarin mobile application development for iOS, Android and Macintosh applications in their relevant platform specific languages. As far as the Windows environment is concerned, Xamarin visual studio offers the development of applications for Windows phone and Windows 8 operating system. The coding can easily be shared between iOS, Android and Windows utilizing the following:

1. PCL (portable Class Libraries)
2. AAA (Appropriate Application Architecture)

Talking about support for Xamarin, it is always around the corner. Its binding technology is totally unique and enable Xamarin ensure constant support for innovative feature immediately after they are introduced in the operating system of a device.

Xamarin’s Component Store:
Xamarin developers prefer unmatched collaboration and sharing. It is clearly visible in their sincere efforts on Xamarin’s component store. It allows practiced Xamarin developers to pick from a wide range of components that are either paid or available in free and include the following:

1. UI (User Interface) Controls
2. Cross platform libraries
3. Third party website services to applications
All this merely requires a few lines of coding. As for component store, it is specifically built Xamarin studio as well as Xamarin visual studio.

Advantage of C#:
It also brings a number of advantages related to C# because of the three main reasons mentioned below:

1. It is a very simple general purpose language.
2. It is a type-safe language.
3. It is purely an OOL (Object Oriented Language)

Being an object oriented language, it is a modern version of C++ that allows even simple data types to be treated as objects. The type safety of C# is a great way for preventing type errors having the potential to result in a flawed program behavior. It does not need any boilerplate or verbose kind of annotations. It offers fully simplified syntax capable of eliminating the use of pointers and headers. Coming to namespaces and reference operators, periods replace them. Microsoft’s .NET framework plays a crucial role in the process of taking care of developer’s requirements and asynchronous programming becomes a breeze.


All in all, Xamarin is a fantastic way to reduce expenses related to the development of cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Windows, and various other platforms. Its rich features crown it as the king of modern cross-platform mobile application development. Over 700,000 developers globally are continuously growing and enhancing the software for helping businesses grow their business like never before.