Your Next Tweet might be longer than 140 characters now!

It could be a rumor though, but then it sounds to be an interesting one! Twitter is said to be planning to drop its 140 characters limit. The inside story has been out via multiple people who are quite aware of company’s future plans. The 140 character feature has been the company’s trademark feature ever since its launch in 2006. But now, it might no longer exist.

The news is also being linked to the recent event where Twitter’s Senior Director of Engineering, Akash Garg, joined UBER. The company may have taken this step in order to drive attention towards its “apparent” positive accomplishment.

Since the company has seen multiple exits among the company’s seniors, its interim CEO Jack Dorsey is pretty hopeful of this new feature.

Let’s now have a look at the public opinion ever since the news was leaked:

Don’t lift the character limit. Word economy is the last line of defense keeping twitter from becoming Facebook.

— Zeddonymous (@ZeddRebel) September 29, 2015

Without the 140 character limit, Twitter becomes a 2nd Facebook. And guess what I *don’t* need?

— Brian Chillmeade (@jteeDC) September 29, 2015

It will be interesting to see if this increase in the character count can attract new audience. Even if this was a hoax, it has already got plenty of attention from media and users worldwide.