Why You Should Hire Xamarin Developers For Cross-Platform App Development

Due to the rising population of smartphone users, thousands of new apps are being launched every day. But, rather than targeting various mobile platforms by multiple app releases, many leading business firms hire Xamarin developer for a single cross-platform app.

Most smartphone users use the App Store while a good percentage of them are using the Android Play Store. A small percentage of smartphone users also use other platforms like Microsoft and Amazon.

Back in 2016, the global smartphone user penetration went beyond half of the world’s population.

So, it’s essential for every business to target over billions of smartphone owners to strengthen their customer base. They should prefer to hire mobile app developers who can develop a cross-platform app to kill many birds with one stone.

There are two main tools preferred for development of cross-platform applications – Xamarin and React Native.

Why Xamarin?

Xamarin is one of the oldest yet the best framework for the development of the cross-platform mobile apps. Since 2011, the community of dedicated Xamarin developers has grown to 1.4 Million across 120 countries.

Back in 2016, this project was acquired by Microsoft who made it a part of its Visual Studio IDE. That is the main reason why some large companies like Pinterest, Siemens, and Slack rely on Xamarin development.

Many large corporations prefer to hire Xaramin developers as this framework is perfect for the enterprise environment and requirements. It can help every business to target almost all the mobile platforms and gain a larger audience.

Xamarin is used by over 16,000 companies in various domains like healthcare, transport, energy, and others. There is also a large demand among the companies to hire Xamarin developers.

Job seeker interest for Xamarin is at an increasing number as compared to Reach Native where figures are not so numerous.

Xamarin vs React Native Performance

Here is what you should know before you make the choice:

– One can easily understand how Xamarin provides excellent flexibility in terms of the development environment. A dedicated Xamarin developer can build and compile the code for different platforms at once.
– React Native doesn’t offer similar support unless using Expo. Since Expo has limited support capability, it is a better choice for every business to hire Xamarin developer.
– Xamarin is the best choice for the development of iOS and Android apps by using C#. Enterprises who are looking for developers conversant with C# can hire mobile app developers who use Xamarin.
– For the performance parameters, Xamarin emerges more beneficial as it allows developers to run the code faster on both iOS and Android.
– Xamarin also provides a high-end support for 64-bit mode and enables rapid UI development with direct access to native tools.

After knowing the basic performance difference between Xamarin and React Native, let’s understand why most of the businesses choose to hire Xamarin developer:

– One technology to conquer competition across all the platforms.
– Native UX
– Capable of API Integration
– Xamarin is extensible
– Presence of a component store to add high-quality elements
– The API – Xamarin.Forms to build a shareable code.
– Possibility to test in Cloud
– Compatibility with MVC and MVVM platforms
– No need to create extra plug-ins
– No need for investing in each development infrastructure separately
– Offline app support
– Future centric for wearables
– Provide app updates across different platforms at once

Xamarin has gained credibility among enterprises aiming to reduce the costs and time of software development. To make your business app successful across all platforms, you can hire mobile app developers for a cross-platform app.

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