Why You Should Choose Flutter to Ramp-up Your Mobile Apps

Flutter, based on Dart programming language, is a framework by Google which is great for building mobile apps that meet the needs of the future market. It has been voted as the second most popular cross-platform app development framework used by software developers worldwide in 2019 –2020. Flutter is the fastest growing cross-platform application and may replace some of the leading programming languages in the future.

Flutter as a Mobile App Development Framework

Flutter is Google’s open-source advanced software development kit that allows developers to build beautiful yet native-like applications for multiple devices including mobile, web, and desktop by using a single-codebase.

Launched in 2018, it is gaining popularity worldwide, and Flutter app development services are almost at par with other leading languages. Start-ups these days are seen to be relying on the best Flutter app development company to bring their idea to life.

Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Flutter

Flutter app development services have gained a foothold in the mobile app industry owing to several unique features:

1. Dart As a Strong Programming Language

Every business looks forthe long term benefits of when choosing the framework for app development. Since Flutter is based on Google’s in-house programming language, it is safe to say that Flutter will stay here in the future.

Dart language is designed keeping even the basics in mind which makes it an ideal choice for developing client applications. Moreover, it has a clear and powerful syntax that encourages strong architecture and design. Along with this, Dart brings easy maintenance, unification, standardization, and longevity that most cross-platform frameworks actually lack.

2. Flutter Helps Throughoutthe Entire App Development Process

Flutter app development services are based on the native binaries, graphics, and rendering libraries that have been built on C/C++. This is the reason why it is possible to build high-performing cross-platform applications in a faster and easier manner.

Additionally, Flutter based applications can achieve 60fps and 120fps on devices that are able to support it, thusboosting the performance of an application.

Especially when it comes to developing a flutter app and boosting its performance, Flutter has a clear advantage over the others that makes it hard to beat.

Reasons Why Flutter is gaining Popularity

3. Hot Reload Feature

Flutter’s “hot reload” feature speeds up the development process and allows developers to make quick changes in the codeas well as reflect the amendments on the front end. With the help of this feature, developers can frame UIs and correct bugs faster. The changes are so instant that it cuts down the reload time on simulators, emulators, and hardware for iOS and Android platforms.

The best Flutter app development companies can instantly fix the bugs and plant the development speed.

4. Reduce App Development Time

The official team of Flutter has put in a lot of effort into creating a wide range of ready-to-use widgets that help in customizing the app and also eliminate the risk of writing codes for each widget from the scratch. This step goes a long way in saving time while developing app.

By making a broad range of ready-to-use widgets available, developers with any level of skills can customize the app with excellent design patterns and best practices. There is no need for getting hit by any standard conflicts or built-in technical issues resulting from poor language practice.

5. Using Own Rendering Engine

App performance and the use of a powerful framework are two most important considerations for developers while developing an app.

Flutter uses Skia for rendering itself onto a given platform, which makes it easier to launch the Flutter based UI on any platform virtually. Moreover, Flutter uses its own rendering engine, so the developer no longer needs to adjust the UI while transferring it to the other platform. This is the biggest reason that businesses prefer collaborating with the best Flutter app development companies to create their app.

6. Easy to Test an App Built on Flutter

Flutter provides the benefitof developing mobile applications for multiple platforms by using a single codebase, so there is no need left to test multiple apps as they all are developed by making use of a single code. Additionally, as there is only one code to test, so the business ownerdoes not need to hire app developers for different platforms for quality assurance. With automatic testing, developers can check the app completely and expedite the market time of the app.

7. Native Feature and Advanced SDKs

Building a beautiful native-like app with flutter is not a challenging task for the developers as the platform provides advanced software development kits for easy development. Also, it offers easy local codes, third-party incorporations, and platform APIs which actually simplify the development lifecycle.

The SDK provided by Flutter is reusable and can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

8. Different App Themes For Various Platforms

It is totally possible to develop an app with the same codebase but with a different look with Flutter as it allowsdevelopersto choose from a wide range of app themes to create different apps for various platforms.

Several features of Flutter can be leveraged by businesses to develop a functional, reliable, and powerful app.

Additional Features of Flutter That Make It Stand Out From Others

  • Flutter is an open-source framework and is free to use by anyone.
  • Despite being a young framework, Flutter offers a very strong community support to the developers.
  • Learning Flutter is extremely easywith the help of informative and detailed documentation support that is provided.
  • Cross-platform compatibility for developing mobile applications is relatively lower in terms of time and budget.
  • Flutter has a huge library of widgets and customizable app interfaces for developers.
  • It has a great GPU UI which makes it very useful for developing apps rich in graphics.
  • It uses the same programming language for both front-end and back-end.
  • Flutter is an excellent option to build an app with MVP(Minimum Viable Product).

In A Nutshell: All the above features clearly convey the potential of Flutter for app development and why it is beneficial for a business to revamp their app by using Flutter app development services.Flutter is best suited for all platforms and any size or function of the app and is sure to give your business a boost.


If you’re looking forward to ramping up your mobile app development game, choosing a platform like Flutter can help you get through the competition. Learn why Flutter is the best.