Who Uses Angular in 2021? 10 Global Websites Built With Angular JS

Angular JS, a modern web development framework with a decade-long history, is quickly overtaking the traditional frameworks including jQuery. Being extremely popular, top fortune 500 companies are leveraging this front-end web framework to their advantage. With tech giants that like Microsoft and Samsung using Angular, the platform has gained a solid reputation. 

What is Angular JS Mobile App Development?

Originally developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, AngularJS is a leading open-source framework for programming versatile single-page web applications. The framework was initially released in 2016 and is now maintained by Google.

Angular is more or less a structural framework that is used for building dynamic web applications. Angular allows developers to use HTML as a base template language, thus letting them extend HTML’s syntax to clearly and succinctly express app components with only a few lines of code.

By taking advantage of data binding and dependency injection, the best Angular JS web development companies eliminate excess code that developers would normally have to write. Since all of this happens within the browser, Angular is one of the most ideal partners to couple with any server technology.

How Most Companies use Angular JS Web Development Services?

Many companies use AngularJS as the frontend of their MEAN stack, which comprises the:

  • MongoDB database
  • Angular.JS for front-side development
  • Express.JS web app server, and
  • Node.JS server runtime environment.

Features of Angular JS

Angular boasts of an array of core features that allow Angular JS web development companies to provide exceptional services. The most important core features provided by Angular JS include:

  • Two-way Data Binding
  • Cross-platform Progressive Web Applications
  • High-Speed Performance
  • Low Code Framework

Advantages of Angular JS

Angular spotlights technical and qualitative advantages that give it that extra edge amongst the ranks of web development frameworks.

Whether it is Angular’s code reusability or dependency handling, the framework provides many business-level advantages.

The top benefits of using Angular JS in a front-end development pipeline include:

  1. It is built and vetted by Google
  2. Efficient design architecture
  3. Code reusability
  4. Faster end-to-end app development
10 Internet Giants that Use Angular JS

Global Companies that Use Angular

1. Upwork

Upwork is considered the world’s largest and most popular marketplace for freelancing and business. Upwork connects freelancers, agencies, and independent professionals with businesses of all sizes to cater to their hiring requirements. 

Upworkwebsite has an intuitive design, excellent functionality, and data protection for all users. As freelancing continues to rise in its popularity, the list of Upwork services is getting bigger as well. 

With AngularJS 1.5.9 in the tech stack, the Upwork platform is providing a responsive single-page experience for more than 20 millions of its active users. The framework with its seamless navigation provides outstanding solutions that can be implemented to any website for intuitive navigation and filtering. 

Just like any other website written in Angular, Upwork thrives by providing high webpage performance and a rich user experience. 

2. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a leading multinational investment bank that uses AngularJS in its online presence. More specifically the Angular 1.7.8for the front page of its developer portal. 

The developer portal highlights the Deutsche Bank API program, which is an access point for millions of organizations worldwide, who are looking to incorporate the transaction system of Deutsche Bank into their web software.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is originally an Australia-based platform for freelancers around the world. The company was founded in 2009. The platform was created by crowdsourcing and has users across 247 territories around the world. Freelancer serves as a marketplace for employees and employers to post and collaborate on projects from various industries.   

With a large group of users, Freelancer chose Angular JS development company to develop their leading frontend framework. By making use of Angular 5.1.0, Freelancer allowed its users to enjoy seamless responsiveness, stunning UI, and an overall great experience.

4. IBM

IBM is a well-known seller and creator of computer software, hardware, and middleware. IBM offers top-notch consulting services as well as hosting services in areas such as mainframe computers up to nanotechnology. Being one of the oldest tech businesses in the US, it has the reputation for holding most of the top U.S. patents for the past 27 years. The fact that technology giants like IBM also use Angular also proves how efficient and powerful it can be.

5. Weather

As the name suggests, Weather is a forecasting website that was acquired by IBM in 2015.  

Weather is a great example of the Angular website as it shows how it can be used for real-time broadcasting on websites or applications with numerous geographical locations. Combined with integration with multiple maps and straightforward design, Weather is a source of important information powered by Angular features.

6. PayPal

PayPal, the online money transfer company used by most individuals as well as businesses, has more than 305 million active user accounts on its platform. It has an impressive website performance and is able to handle heavy traffic loads.  

By making use of AngularJS 1.4.8, PayPal is able to support real-time feeds of transaction data. It includes a number of advanced security features because it’s used for money transactions. Angular also contributes to PayPal’s seamless checkout which allows the purchase and entire transaction to be completed without leaving the website. The website is simple, needing only few-clicks authorization for business and individual users. 

7. Forbes

Forbes is made with Angular 5.2.0 along with other technologies like Core-JS, BackboneJS, LightJS, and others. Originally a business magazine, Forbes is a hugely successful and reliable news articles website on the internet.  

 By using Angular in the front-end, Forbes has fast loading page time and provides users with a responsive experience. Further, the articles are able to update seamlessly within seconds to view. Forbes is able to provide its users with a high-performing website that is compatible with tablets and mobile phones.

Forbes is now one of the largest publishing companies using Angular.

7. Samsung

Samsung is a global giant in the electronics segment which packs its website’s front page with Angular code. Angular 6.1.2 is incorporated into Samsung Forward service. The Angular in this case helps with visually appealing animations as well as transitions that are mobile-friendly and that all is improving user experience on the site.

8. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a leader in domestic as well as international travel offering services to 60 countries and more than 300 destinations. Its website, built using Angular 6.1.9, ranks third in the travel and tourism category. With the integration of Angular, Delta’s customers are able to make some advanced airfare searches or register flight information with a pleasing user experience and fast loading speed of a page.

9. The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the most popular and reliable British newspapers daily that has a massive presence online. The UI of this website is developed in Angular JS. As they produce enormous amounts of articles on a daily basis, they need to provide high-level readability for the users, which is offered by Angular and makes it an obvious choice for The Guardian. 

The above 10 popular and well-known Angular websites of 2021 showcase their capabilities. The websites are trendy, professional, neat, and memorable. The ability and freedom to incorporate fine features make Angular stand out. Angular JS can without a doubt transform the interactivity and functionality of your websites and applications for the better. And on top of that, this framework is constantly maintained and updated, so it works great with less common technologies as well.