WhatsApp Raises User Limit for Group Chat

WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms if you are looking to communicate with friends and family, regardless of where they reside as long as you own an internet connection. Since Facebook has owned WhatsApp, it has been silently pushed over the server side update to its app on Android that increases the number of users included in a group chat. Assume you are planning for a surprise birthday party for your friend or have to work on an important project where plenty of friends are involved. Now you are unsure of the number of friends that will join the party but the recent WhatsApp server-side update has come with the blessing. Until now, a WhatsApp group chat could include about 100 users. However, the update now pushes the limit to 256 users. Same goes for iOS users bringing in the similar feature as that of Android users with the version 2.12.13 of the app.

Those Android users that didn’t see the latest update can download the latest version of the application from the company’s website itself. Though the new feature is only limited to Android and iOS users, however, it should reach Windows and BlackBerry soon. It is unsure if anyone requires this amount of people in group chat, but perhaps it could be used by large scale businesses to coordinate meeting, notify alerts and discuss projects.

Last month WhatsApp got rid of its $1 annual subscription fee. Until now, WhatsApp requested some subscribers to pay an annual fee for using the app after the first year of usage, though most of them are given extensions every year. Apart from scrapping its annual fee, WhatsApp recently announced that its upcoming plans will be user-friendly where it wants people to directly connect with businesses and organizations.