What Makes Laravel the Best PHP Framework for Big Enterprise Apps

Every enterprise dreams to sit on the throne as the best among their league for which they need to expand their services using the best technology. Web applications are necessary to enhance your brand name because providing services blended with technology are necessary to make a difference.

Laravel is a great choice for deploying your web services and battle among your rivals by hiring Laravel development services. Laravel is a prominent member of the new-gen web frameworks and being an open-source PHP framework, it emerges as a vital choice for providing web services.

It is basically intended for the development of web applications based on Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. There are more than 1 million websites made with Laravel over the internet, which include multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Various video game websites such as Fallout 4 hired a Laravel development company to build their landing page.

According to Github’s web app framework comparison, Laravel is now the world’s most popular web framework – surpassing any other PHP-based framework. If such a huge amount of web pages are based on Laravel then definitely there are big reasons behind the popularity of Laravel among the big enterprises.

Let’s take a look at some features of Laravel development services:

1) Providing an easy authentication system with a simple-to-use interface.
2) A modular packaging system that includes a dedicated dependency manager.
3) Multiple ways of accessing relational databases via Routing.
4) A number of utilities that aid in maintenance and application deployment.
5) Uses very few system requirements, use of Homestead is highly recommended during development.

For the enterprises who look forward to getting their own web application or improve their existing web services, their best bet is to hire dedicated Laravel developer. Laravel provides high-speed development along with multiple module extensions, which makes it the most powerful and versatile PHP framework.

Website development involves complex activities such as a lot of coding in the perfect order to make a fully loaded website with the best functionalities. With the advent of this new-gen framework, the development speed has improved with some of the basic functions preinstalled for enhanced results.

Thus, the best decision any business can make right now is to hire Laravel developer in India.

Laravel lays a strong foundation for your web services as it is pretty secure, based on solid codes and it is the framework to keep the hackers away!

Owners of big business enterprises want the best framework so that their daily requirements can be managed without any problems. Laravel applications managed to showcase remarkable results even when used for the heavy websites.

Let’s take a look at the big reasons that make Laravel the best PHP framework to develop apps for big enterprises:

Artisan: Laravel development services usually interact with this framework using a command line that creates the Laravel project environment and handles it. A built-in tool for command-line is provided known as Artisan. This tool manages to perform the majority of tedious and repetitive programming tasks that most of the developers avoid performing them manually.

Migration for The Databases: With Laravel, Migration assists to extend the structure of the database without the need to re-create it every time a change is made. It helps to secure the development data from any loss. You can use PHP code instead of SQL to manage the structure of the database and Laravel Schema builder improves the speed of creating database tables and column insertion.

Security: Laravel development services improve the security with this framework by using salted and hashed password. It means that Laravel never saves the password as plain text in its database. It generates an encrypted representation of password by using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. It also makes the injection attacks unimaginable by using prepared SQL statements.

Template Engine: Laravel provides built-in templates that are lightweight and can be used to create amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding. It features many widgets such as JS and CSS code that have solid structures. These templates are designed for building a simple layout that includes different sections.

Modular: Being built on more than 20 different libraries, Laravel framework is quite versatile. It is divided into a number of individual libraries and adopts modern PHP principles, allowing a Laravel development company to build more responsive, modular, and handy web apps.

Libraries: Laravel provides Object-Oriented Libraries and a range of other pre-installed libraries, which you can never see in any other PHP framework. One among such libraries is an Authentication library, which is quite easy to implement. It provides many advanced features such as CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) Protection, Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, encryption, and password reset.

Unit Testing: Whenever you hire Laravel developer in India, you should know that their love for Laravel is due to the way it facilitates unit testing. The Laravel developers run hundreds of tests to make sure that new changes done by them don’t break anything in the application.

Laravel is well-known to have some of the most stable releases as the developers are quite careful of the known failures. It makes it easy for them to write custom unit tests for their own coding.

Are you ready to improve your services with the best PHP framework? Laravel is an excellent choice!

All in all, it shows you that you can make a difference in your services and attract more customers by providing features above the standard mark. Improve your business by developing your own enterprise application with Laravel, hire dedicated Laravel developer today!

It is the time to take a leap of faith into the ocean of web services with Laravel and emerge as the king in the competition.

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