What Makes Flutter a Silver Bullet for Cross-Platform App Development?

Are you planning to launch a cross-platform mobile app but still in a dilemma – which framework is best for it? Well, the best Flutter app development companyin the U.S believes that Flutter would be the right choice for your next mobile app development project. 

But why one should use Flutter over other mobile app development frameworks? What’s so special about it? To find the answers, you need to look at the history of Flutter. 

Flutter: The Most Efficient Way to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Launched by Google in 2015, Flutter is a popular UI toolkit for developing beautiful and natively compiled apps for mobile, web, and desktop. It is among the most widely appreciated and used cross-platform frameworks for developing feature-loaded apps. There are nearly half a million developers using this open-source UI framework each month for developing fast and quality apps. 

Known for a single codebase, Flutter was first introduced at the 2015 Dart developer summit and become popular in a very short period of time. Initially, the platform helped developers build native interfaces for Android and iOS. However, it was later used for building desktop and web apps from the same codebase. In addition, the Flutter framework can be easily used on phones, wearables, tablets, laptops, TVs, and smart devices. 

Google’s idea behind the inception of Flutter was to make services and software available wherever developers need them. When you use Flutter, you don’t have to think about the target device or platform. By reusing a single code, you can effortlessly create a cross-platform app from limited resources and budget. Isn’t that amazing? 

Now let’s dive deep to determine the reasons that make Flutter the best framework to develop your mobile application.

1. A Single Code Reusability  

Flutter provides the comfort of reusability of a single code, which is among its most significant benefit. By using a single code for multiple platforms, you can save half of your coding task, which further has its own significance.

2. Low-Cost App Development 

Developing a mobile app can be a costly deal for a start-up. Why? Well, because you have to write different codes for different operating systems. But this is not the case with Flutter app development services. You can easily use a single code base to create apps that flawlessly work on multiple operating systems and platforms, making the app development process very efficient. 

The Most Efficient Way to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

3. Quick Development Process 

Because cross-platform mobile apps can be developed with a single code base, there is no need to write codes repeatedly, making your app development process streamlined and time-saving. As a result, you can focus on other aspects of the app development project at the same time. 

4. Fast App Testing 

Testing is a crucial part of cross-platform mobile app development where you need to assure that the app can smoothly run on different platforms. While developing a mobile app with Flutter, you don’t have to check app performance for two different operating systems. Instead, you have to check only one version of the app, which devotes less testing time. 

5. Improved Stability 

A Flutter mobile app is not affected by an OS update or system customization because its code is compiled into the ARM code for the CPU. Furthermore, the app looks the same in terms of the interface even after an update. Flutter doesn’t change its API and development methods and its code written a year ago can be easily reused in a new mobile app. 

6. Open-Source Packages and Libraries 

Because Flutter is an open-source platform, developers consistently add their work to the library. That is why there is a wide range of open-source packages and libraries available to support faster development. In addition, Flutter utilizes Dart programming language, which helps developers use the DartPub as a package manager to reuse packages and libraries.

7. Flutter Community Support 

With every year, the Flutter community is getting bigger and better. More and more developers are working on Flutter and sharing their creative ideas on the forum. This makes it easy to find solutions to your doubts or queries on the forum.

Let’s Flutter!

You see, there are a number of reasons for choosing Flutter for developing high-performance mobile apps. The mobile app market is competitive and there are thousands of apps fighting for customers’ interest. However Flutter allows you to heighten the level of app development and stand out with the right solution app. From the standpoint of the best Flutter app development company,it will be exciting to see how Flutter develops over the coming year as it gets adopted by more and more mobile app developers. 

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