WePay Integrates Instant Buy API as Google Attempts to Make Wallet More Popular

Google is working towards pulling a greater share of people towards using Google Wallet services and is aiming to grow to a position where it can compete with the likes of PayPal in the world of mobile-based transactions. Google is expanding the use of its API by joining hands with other payment companies. The payments provider WePay has integrated the API into its payment backend. WePay customers can now allow their own customers to choose the option of paying through Google Waller. End customers can thus use Google Wallet to complete transaction in two simple steps. WePay, in turn, will be offering the Google Wallet integration to other customers as well and this is a part of the new distribution model for Google Wallet.

Google still has a long way to go and faces various hurdles in the form of people’s reluctance to pay their bills and invoices through mobile devices, even though they check their mails and read invoices though their mobile handsets. According to statistics obtained by WePay, 70% people read their invoices through mails and only 20% of them carry out transactions through their mobile devices. This lag is attributed to the fact that entering credit card details on your mobile device is quite difficult and people are generally reluctant to do it. Google is banking upon this partnership to provide a better experience to its audience through Google Wallet. Google is making inroads into the payment gateway provider services by means of this association and stabilizing its position in the market to remain at par with its competitor Apple which is rolling out the Apple Pay.

Google’s decision to work with partners like WePay seems to be an attempt to grow into the market and acquire new audience for its product.