Twitter Introducing Location Tagging in Conjunction with Foursquare

Twitter, one of the most widely used social media platform, is introducing a new feature which will enable users to add specific locations to tweets via the official app and the web. This change has been brought upon in conjunction with Foursquare. The company announced this change through a tweet along with a video showing how this feature would work.

Earlier, Twitter worked by detecting the user’s coordinates based on his device sensors and assigned a spot based on those coordinates. With this update, users will get the option to tap on the location button to get a list of suggested places in the vicinity based on the person’s current location. There were rumors doing the rounds about Twitter partnering up with Foursquare to launch a feature similar to this one last year. It was predicted that the geolocation feature in Twitter would arrive in the first quarter of the year 2015.

The buzz around location based tweets is quite justified. It is predicted to bring a lot of benefits for the users. At the same time, Twitter can extend its monetization and advertising options and make it a lot more refined. It can help users who are new at Twitter with relevant location based tweets before they can build their timeline. It can help them connect with relevant people and posts in their area. The company is excited about the launch of its new feature and is sure that it will bring multiple benefits to its audience.

Image courtesy: Mashable