Transform your Ordinary Toys to Extraordinary Interactive Toys with Oliba

An owl head – a small attachment to your toy to be tied around its head or arm or neck. It acts as a toy tracker, a dim light, and even as a story teller for your kid. A neat little addition to a teddy, it is completely safe for kids to use.

As a toy tracker, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to track your toy. You can also pick a story in a library, record it, and send it to Oliba so that your kid can listen to it when you are not there. Eventually, you can create a collection of stories and lullaby. You can also teach your child how to use it, by simply pressing its button for 2 seconds. And yes, it is really easy to use as well!

It works with iOS and android and is washable as well. It has a storage capacity of up to 10 songs and stories, and is not very heavy on your pocket. You can buy Oliba for $35-$45 only on Indiegogo. If not much, it will at least save you from spending lots of time locating your baby’s favorite toy.

When questioned, a large number of people gave a very positive response regarding the utility of Oliba. Other people were initially quite sceptical about this, but eventually, when they used it, they changed their opinion as well. This indeed is a very positive sign for better prospects of this products in future.