Top Trends and Predictions of Software Testing

Last year witnessed procurement and rapid adoption of social media. Brisk advancements in the mobile world and cloud technologies were also noticed. Another improvement was Internet of Things i.e. IOT which gradually modified the way organizations interacted with its clients and partners.

Due to advancements in the trends, new challenges have arisen. Business leaders are expecting IT officers to come up with innovative ideas on how emerging technologies can transform their organizations. They are also expect to comprehend customer’s requirement and help to retain clients and fulfill their needs. This year things will be more advanced as the world is upgrading with the new technologies. Let’s glance at the latest trends of software testing this year.

Software Testing Trends

Even this year the priority remains to be cost optimization and customer gratification. Greater attention is being paid towards social media platform that safeguards the reputation and enhances the organization. These trends also have an influence on software testing and quality assurance.

•   Priority to the Latest Technology

Latest technologies such as SOA, cloud and mobile testing are on the hike. This may result in business to opt for Testing as a Service (Taas) option.

•   Huge Automation Level

Testing teams are preferring to adopt automation testing wherever it is possible as it reduces pressure and time to market. Not just in the case of regression but also in unit testing and load testing.

  • Prior Focus on Security

System security and protection have always been the first concern but with the development in mobility and social media, the requirement of software that may be integrated to more than one platform are becoming more sensitive. Enhancing security is necessary especially in an application handling sensitive data.

•   Liberated Software Testing

A number of businessmen have started having conviction in QA organizations and this is because such organizations deliver incredible results. A recent report has stated that the independent testing sector will notice the progress of 9.5% in the upcoming years.

Software Testing Predictions

Software testing budget will be on hike especially in transportation, energy, and utility. 27-31% budget will be spent on software testing. Few organizations may increase it upto 40% as well.

A huge emphasis is laid over software testing because this aspect enhances the productivity that further results in more business. Various financial services, retailers and transportation sector is tilting towards the IT sector to seek growth and development.

Considering the software testing trends and predictions, it may be estimated that performance testing, automation testing, and security testing holds a bright future. More businessman around the globe is conscious to adopt a well-designed process of testing to keep up their edge in the industry. Software testers should be prepared to capture the great opportunity in the 13 million dollar software industry.