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Digitization has become an integral part of businesses in 2024. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important tool in digital marketing among every SEO company in India. In certain cases, SEO can help businesses gain great online visibility and realize their goal. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.   

Numbers suggest that 94.3% of web pages out of about two million pages could not get even a single visitor. This raises a very important question about the effectiveness of SEO and if it is worth all the resources it demands. The simple answer is SEO can genuinely help businesses attract new users and customers.

But if your website is not bagging favorable ranks in search results despite all the ideal SEO efforts, it indicates something might be wrong. The best way to move forward is to hire an SEO company in India and determine the reason behind the ordeal.

Why a Website’s Ranking is Important on SERP?

Bagging the highest search engine rankings is important for businesses for multiple reasons. One has to consider that internet users visit Google 89.3 billion times in just a month, making it an ideal platform for reaching new customers and retaining existing ones.

Unfortunately, one cannot make much of this opportunity with their website ranking low, resulting in missing out on precious web traffic. But besides that, many other reasons make it important for websites to rank high. Some of the best-known of these reasons include:      

●      Cost Effectiveness

Most websites these days need to pay for ads to get valuable traffic, and this cost can eat into your traffic significantly. However, if a competent SEO company in India can help your website bag higher ranks, you can significantly save on advertisement costs. This will automatically help your businesses benefit from amplified conversion while keeping your expenditure minimal.  

●      Better Brand Authenticity

High-ranking websites have always benefited from better brand authenticity both in the eyes of customers and search engines. For instance, suppose you search for a reliable SEO company; you are automatically more likely to choose a high-ranking website. Similarly, if your website ranks higher in search results, it will likely determine your business over competitors.

●      Enhanced Visitor Experience

Search engines have always been very picky when it comes to ranking any specific website. This is where website experience becomes very important for search engines striving to deliver the most relevant results. Unsurprising, even your visitors will enjoy an enhanced experience encouraging them to visit your website more frequently.

●      Better Organic Traffic Generation

Saving the last for the most apparent reason, high-ranking websites always benefit from better organic traffic generation. But this does not just end with better traffic generation, a high-ranking website is also more likely to drive better conversions. This, in turn, will help your business sell its products much more easily, helping you drive far better profitability and ROI.

Insights from SEO Company in India on why websites don’t rank 

As mentioned earlier, your website cannot rank for many reasons, even with all the best SEO practices. One cannot make sense of these reasons without an enhanced understanding of off-page and on-page SEO ranking factors. However, our experts have narrowed down the reasons to help you make better sense.  

1. Keywords And Content Quality

Quality content and keywords are amongst the two most important factors influencing your website’s ranks. There can potentially be many issues with your website content and keywords, such as:

Low Content Quality

Content quality is a very important SEO ranking factor; search engines never fail to pay close attention to this. You must make all the effort to ensure your website content is relatable and matches visitors’ search intent. Besides that, all your content must be free of grammatical errors, with shorter sentences that are easier to comprehend. You must also make efforts to ensure your content is engaging to encourage visitors to click on your website.    

Average Content Length

Keyword Placement

Appropriate and effective keyword placement is another important on-page SEO ranking factor you must consider. This means you must avoid stuffing multiple keywords together just so your website shows up with relevant searches. Instead, take a more strategic and natural approach to your keyword place while ensuring it does not impact your content quality.

You can even leverage the time-tested long-tail keyword strategy in cases of high competition. This can go a long way in terms of making your website more crawlable and helping your website bag better ranks.      

2. Technical Complications 

Apart from content-related issues hampering the search results ranking of your website, there can also be some technical issues pulling your website down. In some instances, these issues might go unnoticed by even the finest SEO consultant in India making it more important to shed some light on them. Some of the best-known of these technical issues include:   

Breaking SEO Rules

SEO is a complex and nuanced ordeal with many SEO practices a digital marketing agency can use to drive results. However, there have also been cases where websites relied on shady SEO practices to drive results. For instance, a business might try to stuff keywords in hidden texts or purchase links. In these cases, the search engine will quickly detect these fraudulent tactics and penalize the website accordingly.

The best way to tackle this issue is to use Google Search Console (GSC) and determine if the search engine has flagged your page for any such complications. You must click on the Manual Actions tab of the Google Search Console (GSC) and fix the issue at the earliest. This must help restore your website’s overall performance and get better rankings on search results. 

Failing To Meet Common Technical Benchmarks

Every website has to meet specific technical benchmarks to get better ranks in search results. These benchmarks are generally related to the page’s loading speed, overall page security, and many other technical and on-page SEO ranking factors. Besides that, conflicting plugins and even themes in certain cases might be preventing your website from getting ranks. These themes can potentially avert search engines from indexing your website further, leading to adverse ranking performance.   

In such cases, the first thing you need to do is determine the exact technical issues that might be hampering the SEO performance of your website. You can start by checking all your plugins to ensure no unnecessary conflict. Besides that, you must also ensure all your security certificates are updated, and your website is set to https://. Lastly, make sure you check if your website theme is creating any issues preventing search engines from indexing the website.   

3. Linking Complications 

Quality backlinks with robust internal links are among the most important off-page and on-page SEO ranking factors. Search engines crawl through different weblinks, following one link after the other. Hence, if there are any issues with your website’s linking structure, things can drastically impact your website’s ranks. So here are some linking issues you need to keep an eye out for.

Fewer Backlinks 

There are countless websites on the internet, and search engines cannot always keep track of them all. This is where you need to use robust backlinking to inform search engines about your website’s existence. Most websites overlook the significance of robust backlinking and later pay for the same with lower ranks. Your website must have many quality links from other websites to ensure an effective backlinking structure.

You must always publish high-quality content on your website to ensure you get good links to your pages. Your content must add value to readers and visitors since it increases their chances of sharing the content with others. Besides that, you can even consider contacting other websites and asking them to mention your business and its offerings. Lastly, social media is now one of the most effective tools to help you get more links and even market your business effectively. 

Improper Internal Linking Structure

The internal linking structure of your website is another very important SEO ranking factor for search engines. Your content and other aspects might be optimal but yield no result without an appropriate internal linking structure. When your website has an appropriate site structure, it becomes much easier for search engines to comprehend your website’s offerings. You can even consider leveraging the services of a reliable SEO company in India to evaluate your internal link structure.   

Besides that, you must start working on your linking structure and add as many quality links as possible with respect to their relevance to the content. If your website has any important links or posts, adding more internal links would be best to get better results. However, never make the mistake of overlooking the relevance of your links since irrelevant links add little to no value to visitors. This will further have a detrimental impact on your website’s ranking in search results.  

Linking Structure

4. Crawling And Indexing Issues

Effective crawling and indexing are very important for ensuring your website bags better ranks on search results. Crawling and indexing are important in helping search engines find your website and rank it accordingly. This is why most businesses hire a competent SEO consultant in India to ensure effective indexing and crawling. But besides that, looking out for the following crawling and indexing issues can also go a long way.  

Non Indexed Content or Pages 

Non-indexed content or pages are among the most common reasons search engines fail to index a website. Many businesses tend to add non-indexed metarobot tags telling search engines they can crawl a website but cannot add the results to the index. You can open a page or website and view the source code to determine if your page and content are non-indexed. If you find <meta name= “robots” in the head of the page, understand that it is a non-indexed page or content.  

The best way to resolve this issue is to remove the noindex tag. Besides that, you can even use the Google Search Console to request reindexing a page or content. Lastly, you can resubmit the XRL sitemap of the page and get your page or content reindexed again. Following this, you must republish your page or content and get better ranking results. 

Novel Websites And Pages

Following its launch, a website will take some time before search engines crawl and rank them. You must understand that search engines like Google are crawling and indexing numerous websites and pages at any given time.

This should not be much of a concern, and it would be better if you gave things some time. Besides that, you can even consider submitting an XML sitemap to GSC and help the search engine find your website. 

Bottom Line

There are many reasons for a website not being able to bag top ranks on search results, with so many off-page and on-page SEO ranking factors at play. You must understand that SEO is a long-term strategy and seeing genuine results might take time.

You can even consider hiring a dedicated SEO company in India for better results and ROI. Besides that, ensuring your website has all its aspects effectively optimized will always go a long way. Hence, you can consult our SEO experts at SoftProdigy for more valuable results. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why is my website not ranking higher?

There can be many reasons why your website might not be ranking high, including ineffective indexing, poor content quality, penalization by search engines, and more.

How long does it take for a website to rank?

There is no specified time for the period your website will need to rank. Some websites rank in just a couple of months, while others even take years.

How do I know if my SEO strategy is working?

Higher rankings in search results, better organic traffic generation, and better conversions are some signs your SEO strategy is working.