Top Development Challenges NodeJs Development Services Providers Face

No technology is 100% sound. If any framework comes with countless features and functionalities, it has limitations too. The same applies to NodeJs. It is an open-source robust runtime environment for JavaScript that builds real-time applications. Besides this, NodeJs development services have their shortcomings. In the worst case, the app may fail.

But even with the challenges, developers love NodeJs for many good reasons. We will list some reasons for failing NodeJs projects. Before this, let us find out why NodeJs is known as a developer’s delight.

Why do developers love NodeJs?

NodeJs is primarily used to develop servers, backend, and more. It benefits both developers and enterprises in several ways, including.

  • NodeJs allows developers to create high-performance projects while staying productive.
  • It lets them ensure lightweight development for enterprises.
  • The backend, the front-end, and the tester, every NodeJs development services provider use the same language.
  • Developers do not have to waste time juggling with different syntax because it uses JavaScript extensively. Moreover, this programming language offers fast prototyping.
  • Unlike other programming languages like PHP, JavaScript offers familiarity, speed, and excellent tooling.
  • Writing code in NodeJs is easy. Developers can read NodeJs like a human language.

That said, even proficient developers experience failed NodeJs app projects. However, the right approach to diagnosing and fixing the problem is crucial. With this, the NodeJs development company can prevent the probability of failing apps while ensuring better performance.

Common Development Challenges That a Node.JS Service Provider Faces

While Node JS is the top choice for enterprises and startups, there are certain challenges that companies can face while developing applications with Node.js. Some of the common challenges are

  1. Error Events in JavaScript Code: Error events in JavaScript code usually result in termination of the Node.js application, with an error message and stack trace written to the console. To solve this challenge, you can:
    • Use Node-report native module that captures JavaScript and native stack traces, heap statistics, platform information, and resource usage data when an exception appears.
    • Deploy Node.js stack traces as these are limited to the JavaScript code stack that is running for the current event. Also, the super stack and trace modules enable you to get exception traces across asynchronous call boundaries.  
  1. Extensive stack: Node JS development companies need to be well-versed in developing JS applications as you’re not offered any guidelines while writing the code. Therefore, it becomes a challenge for developers as they need to follow a unique strategy while developing Node.js applications. Consequently, it becomes crucial to hire Node JS developers that are experienced and know how to exactly process the thought and write clean code.
  2. Excessive Memory usage:It is one of the common challenges that developers face while designing applications with Node.js. Excessive memory usage is often detected by the scripts that are using operating system-like facilities or by production monitoring tools. In some scenarios, the application fails as it exceeds the limit that is configured in the node.js. It is called an out-of-memory error. This error causes the node.js application to create an error output and then terminate the application. To solve this problem, you must take crucial steps to gather more information and use adequate tooling to analyze it. 
  1. Unresponsive Application:While providing the node.js development services and designing applications, it is crucial to design one that is responsive. An unresponsive application is detected when you use watchdog facilities in the production environment or by the application users. Ideally, you should use operating system commands such asps to find out if the application is looping or waiting which is indicated by the high CPU usage and by low CPU usage respectively. To make your node.js application more responsive:
    • Use the node report npm with signal triggering to obtain a report on JavaScript and native C/C++ stack traces of the application.
    • Use node application metrics npm module with the health center to monitor the application.
    • Use the LLDB debugger with the llnode V8 plugin.
  1. Crash in Native Code: Symptoms are minimal if the node.js application crashes on or aborts in the native code. The application will stop immediately, but you’ll get a simple message on the stdout or stderr stream. The key here is to capture a core dump operating system configuration. To solve this challenge, you can:
    •  Use the LLDB debugger with the llnode v8 plugin to obtain a native stack trace indicating the point of failure and enabling other data such as register and memory values to be obtained.
  1. Functional Issues and Unexpected Application Behavior: It is one of the common challenges that developers face. General symptoms of the functional issue and unexpected behavior is incorrect input found during the routine testing and then by application users.
    • Use the built-in node.js –trace*,–log*, and –print* options to obtain more information. 
    • Use the LLDB debugger with the llnode v8 plugin to investigate the data inside the application and examine the JavaScript application code.
  1. Not Using Supervisor Program: Whether your Node.js code is running in production or in your local development environment, not using a supervisor program can push you to a lot of problems. If an unexpected error occurs, let your program crash and have a supervisor restart it in a few seconds. Along with restarting the program on the crash, it also allows you to restart them when some file changes.   

The Bottom Line

 Technology is evolving and new innovations are constantly introduced at every step. Node.js is a popularly used runtime environment that empowers developers to develop high-performing and stellar web applications.

Although Node.js has made it very easy for newbies to get started, it still has areas where it is just as easy to mess up. Developers from other programming languages can feel relevant to some of these issues, but these mistakes are quite common among new Node.js developers. However, to take your application development up a notch, you can contact Node.js development service providers.

If you are searching for a reliable NodeJs development company, contact SoftProdigy. We have years of experience delivering top-notch services.


  1. Are NodeJs development services in demand?

Today, businesses are interested in building real-time, fast, and event-driven servers while spending less money. And NodeJs offers it all. That is why it has become the first choice for all-sized businesses.

  1. Which is the most common challenge using NodeJs?

Maintenance is the primary challenge NodeJs developers may face. Often, improper maintenance leads to issues like flexibility and stability, which cease the functionality of the application.