Top 6 .NET Trends Currently Dominating in 2022

According to Stack Overflow survey 2021, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core are among the most loved frameworks. Why not? After all, tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft make a lot of efforts in maintaining and improving .NET technology.

We know that each year trends come and go for technologies. The same applies to the .NET framework. Do you know these trends get inspired by customers’ demands and needs? For this reason, Dot NET development companies and developers must follow these.

Remember, the key to happy customers is to offer what they want. That is what most businesses strive to achieve. If you are on the same path, staying up-to-date with trends is a must. With this, you can gain a competitive edge over others. It helps you boost your business growth. We will list the .NET trends that create weaves in 2022 in a while. But first, you should have a brief understanding of .NET technology.

What is .NET?

.NET is an open-source framework that lets Dot NET developers create any type of app such as desktop, mobile, IoT, web, games, cloud, etc. Moreover, the framework is compatible with various operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS. So, depending on your business goals and needs, you can get any app. To make it stand out from the crowd, follow these trends.

Top trends your prospective Dot NET development company should follow

The world of web app development is subject to changes every year. But here, we will talk about trends in 2022 that will remain even beyond.

  1. Serverless computing

Undoubtedly, serverless computing is a boon to enterprises because it has enabled them to expand their app operations. Over the years, it has gained popularity for various reasons. It is secure, cost-effective, stable, and scalable.

The market for serverless computing is anticipated to grow by 23.17% CAGR from 2021-2026. Among numerous options available in the market, Microsoft Azure Functions is the most preferred. It allows developers to build robust cloud-based applications with the .NET Core programming language. Hire a reliable Dot NET development company to create a cloud application for your business.

  1. Demand for Xamarin development

Another trend related to .NET is the rise in demand for Xamarin development. While Mono helps developers target Android and iOS, it has downsides like insufficient documentation and issues associated with compatibility and performance. They lead to a narrow audience, which is not good for businesses. Thanks to Xamarin, it is an efficient and highly-interactive cross-platform framework. It has bridged the gap successfully by helping Dot NET developers to construct iOS, Android, and Windows apps. To use the Xamarin framework, developers need the .NET Core.

  1. Enhanced security

Due to the increase in cyberattacks and other online malware, it is crucial for developers to focus on application security. When it comes to the .NET framework, it is known for enhanced security. Therefore, many entrepreneurs hire Dot NET development companies to create highly secure and performing applications.

If you need an application with a range of security features, the .NET framework is your answer. You can leverage features like runtime code regions, CAS leveraging Full Trust code, Structured Exception Handling, etc. 

  1. The rise of ASP.NET Core for web development

According to recent Google search queries, ASP.NET Core-related search has increased significantly. It shows that ASP.NET Core is taking over traditional ASP.NET as an ideal option for web app development. Yes, we are ready for an open-source development culture.

If you haven’t adopted ASP.NET Core, it is the right time to do so. Hire a .NET Core developer and enjoy perks like better performance, security, and flexibility. Given these reasons, it has become a preferred choice for start-ups and large-scale businesses.

  1. Docker support

Docker refers to a container that professionals use to develop and publish applications. The primary reasons to employ this container technology are its excellent security, reliability, and scalability.

The best thing is a Docker container works seamlessly with ASP.NET Core. As a result, a Dot NET development company can ensure rapid development and deployment of ASP.NET applications.

  1. The rise of the Blazor framework

Blazor is another open-source framework that rose to fame in the past few years. It allows programmers to develop client-side applications with the help of .NET Core. In 2022, many enterprises used and still are using the Blazor framework to create interactive web UIs within no time.

Your prospective Dot NET development company can build a responsive web-based SPA for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. In short, Blazor is a highly productive framework that does not depend on the I/O thread for professional user requests.

The bottom line

Given the latest trends in the market, it is clear that .NET holds the future of web app development. With excellent features and functionalities, a Dot Net developer company can help create high-performing, secure, and competitive web apps.


  1. What is .NET?

Developed by Microsoft, .NET is an open-source framework that helps developers build different types of applications.

  1. Which type of projects I can build with .NET?

The best thing about .NET is that it is compatible with multiple libraries, languages, and editors. As a result, you can create any application as per your needs and goals. Some options are web, mobile, games, IoT, desktop, etc.