Top 10 Indian Magento Mobile App Development Companies to Watch Out For In 2019

Magento has become one of the most sought after e-commerce platforms. It is because Magento has successfully helped online merchants take their sales, revenue, and profit to the next level. It helps them boost their online brand’s awareness to a whole new level among their existing as well as the targeted customers. More than 2 million online stores are currently running on Magento. This is one of the main reasons behind the rise of Magento mobile app development companies in India.

The count of online stores running on Magento in 2017 was limited to 48,000 or little more in 2017. But this number has now reached a whole new level. The count of e-commerce running on Magento is now up to 147,723. These numbers show the way Magento become popular among e-commerce business owners. These numbers justify the rise of Magento development companies in India as well.

Coming to the point, the internet is flooded with so many companies that brag about being the best in the domain of Magento mobile app development. Well, some of them have every right to claim to be the best in this domain of e-commerce development. This is something that this post is going to highlight for you today. The main objective of this post is to help you find the best Magento mobile app development companies in India and hire the one you believe has everything to exceed your expectations and requirements on the business front.

Here are the top 10 Magento Mobile App Development companies in India:
OnGoBuyo – Mobile App Development
They are considered to be the best group of Magento mobile app development professionals in India. This company is the subsidiary of SoftProdigy, recognized by Clutch as the best e-commerce development company in India. If you are looking for a company to get a robust Magento app ready in no time? Your quest for the best Magento mobile app development companies in India could come to end at OnGoBuyo. Headquartered from New Jersey, United States, the company has earned a great name within a very short period of time. They offer you the development of Native Magento mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS and many more exciting features.

Your quest for the best Magento mobile app development company could come to end at Ongobuyo because of the following certifications earned by them:

– Magento Enterprise Solution Partner
– Magento Certified Developer
– Magento Master
– Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist
– Magento Certified Solution Specialist
– Magento Certified Developer Plus

magento mobile app

Elsner Technologies
This Ahmedabad, Gujrat based IT Company excels in delivering the best quality of web development services. The company houses a team of experienced creative designers and Magento mobile app developers to turn your idea into a reality with their perfectly customized Magento solutions and third party Magento extensions. Headquartered from Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India, the company has its client based in countries like Canada, USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom also. Popular brands like Queen Creek Olive Mill, Pri Beauty, Kidz Store, Web 7 Radio, JT Plaza, Grill Symbol, Flamingo Travels, National Karate, Middle East Technical University, Indmex Group etc. are some of their key clients.


This could be another great Magento mobile app development company you are looking for. The company has been delivering e-commerce excellence for more than 10 years. Redstage has collaborated with more than 700 e-commerce brands during these 10 years. The company houses a team of experienced Magento developers. This is just a tip of the whole iceberg! This transformative B2B e-commerce agency is a Magento Enterprise Partner, Big Commerce Elite Partner, and Shopify Plus Partner. Popular Brands like Eros Wholesale, Jura Coffee, US Gold Bureau etc. are some of their key clients.


Brainvire Infotech Inc.
This award-winning digital transformation service provider is a group of technology consultants. The company provides a wide range of Magento app development services. This is why popular online brands like BodyLab (Jennifer Lopez’s product), fresh Direct (A leading Grocery Provider in New York) Meet.Me, Healthy Planet Canada and more are their key clients.


Krish Technolabs
Headquartered from Ahmedabad, India, this award-winning digital marketing agency marked inception in 2003. They are a group of 51 to 200 IT professionals.

All in all, the company may have everything you need to be a dominating business force in your industry.


This independent marketing platform on the planet offers you the highest quality of e-commerce solutions in line with your business objectives. Their team provides you with personalized Magento solutions to help your brand build strong loyalty with end users to boost the number of sales on your online store. Since inception in 2000, the company has successfully helped more than 2000 online brands from 70 different countries of the world reach their target market. The whole credit of their success should be given to their more than 750 professionals working their 15 different offices in the world.


Sigma Infosolutions
The company has its offices in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. The company marked inception in 2004 and has gone on to become one of the best e-commerce service providers in India with time. The company has its own Magento Center of excellence. They have helped more than 150 online brands grow their reach to new customers in all parts of the world for more revenue generation. The company has delivered excellent quality of e-commerce solutions in the domain of Fintech, online retail, technology, telecom etc. The company is a Magento Solution Partner.


247 commerce
This Magento Business Solution Partner is actually a small group of 11 to 50 professionals. Headquartered from India, 247 Commerce has at least 30 Magento certified developers in their team. They are one of the best Magento development companies in India because their Magento solutions offer highly customized integration of WMS, ERP, CRM and many other innovative and advanced features.


This digital system agency deserves to be on this list as their team focuses on making clients’ e-commerce industry a cakewalk. Their list of marquee clients includes popular brands like Teleflora, Walmart, and Target etc. This Magento Professional Solution Partner believes in delivering the following through their Magento solutions:

– Consumerism of B2b
– Digital marketing optimization & analytics
– Commerce engine creation & continuous innovation
– The art of Possible through evidence-based activities
– Digital journey maturity mode
– Future readiness


Evince Development
Evince Development is an ISO 9001; 2015 and full stack company that believes in exceeding your e-commerce requirements and expectations. This debt-free organization offers Magento e-commerce solutions like no other in India. This group of 80 or more professionals has collectively served more than 140 clients from 18 different countries of the world. Their list of marquee clients includes popular brands like DelEx, Ministry of Interior, All Good scents and many more.


Magento is making its presence felt in the domain of e-commerce development. Similarly, Indian e-commerce development companies are also rubbing shoulder with time and advancements in this domain. The day is not far away when Indian e-commerce development service providers will be considered among the top 10 in the world. Some of these firms are moving fast in this direction. You can now learn more about these companies’ reputation online to be able to take the right decision and hire the one that you believe can offer you everything needed to exceed your business’s needs and expectations.

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