Tips for Designing Infographics that Really Work

An infographic is a visual representation of information, mostly by means of graphs and charts.

The definition is short, but its range is quite vast. Infographics, in today’s world, play a vital role in data representation. When it comes to designing, sky is the limit! You can make it as much innovative as possible, the main motive is to grab the attention of viewers. Professional tools may turn out to be quite intricate for amateurs, but these tips will indeed be helpful in creating a simple, yet enticing presentation:

  1. Give it a good headline

This is utmost important because it describes your infographic. They tell the audience if this is what they actually are looking for. The headline should be kept simple and short to keep viewer’s interest intact.

  1. Use colours which reciprocate

When you use colours which reciprocate, or are complementary, they attract the attention of viewers. But do not use too many colours as they may not be very appealing to viewers.

  1. Clear design

Make sure that you do not end up creating a hotchpotch of many designs which convey nothing. The graphics and numbers should be related to each other. Data visualization should be illustrative of the data.

  1. Amalgamate shapes

A good amalgamation of basic shapes should be created. This helps adding texture to the infographic. For example, when you place a circle at both the ends of a rectangle, it is a new shape altogether.

  1. Story element

Make sure your infographic is demonstrated in a way that it feels like a story. When people make a flat and meaningless design, which is not relevant to something, it will automatically lose its charm. Provide your design with a distinct personality.

  1. Create your design according to the target audience

The infographic should be prepared keeping in mind the target audience. You should think of yourselves as one of them and then create the design accordingly. This helps you to effectively relate to what they want.

These are some basic tips regarding the preparation of infographics, and following these tips will never lead you to a meaningless and blunt design.