The Benefits of Using Google Ads to Grow Your Business

Every second, there are about 2.3 million searches performed on Google by people all over the world. A significant portion of the search results is taken up by Google ads. Google ads are proving to be an excellent method of driving relevant, qualified traffic to a website that offers the products or services being searched for by the user. Considering that the world of digital marketing is ever-changing and ever-evolving, it is important to invest in the right ads.

Google allows paid advertisements that appear on the search results page of the website. A Google AdWords expert can make use of this facility to make advertisements appear on various websites through the display network as well as the Google AdSense program. 

Customers these days are spoilt for choice more than ever before, as businesses worldwide create effective websites to showcase their business. These websites are created with the intent of providing complete knowledge about the product or service, fostering customer relationships, and enabling a sale. In order to be successful, you need to create a purchasing funnel so that you can deliver and retain customer interest at every stage of your website.

However, the first step of this remains finding and leading potential buyers of your products or services to your website for which a certified Google AdWords specialist can be hired.

Against common belief, Google AdWords are not strictly for running B2C campaigns alone. A large number of B2B campaigns are set up by the best Google AdWords experts every day to bring about the desired results for business owners. These experts believe in the power of AdSense to drive droves of opportunities for the business owner. 

Types of Ad Campaigns

A Google AdWords expert can help set up different types of campaigns by studying the interests and preferences of your target audience. These campaign types include:

  • Search network campaigns
  • Display network campaigns
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Video campaigns
  • App campaigns

Additionally, Google also offers the option of Display Ads. These ads appear on the Google Display Network, which is an extensive collection of third-party websites that have agreed to partner with Google and serve competent ads similar to their business. The display ads can be in the form of an image, text, video, or rich media format. 

Benefits of Google Ads How They Aid Business Growth

A certified Google AdWords Specialist can help create successful marketing campaigns for businesses and guarantee the following benefits for you:

  1. You can bid on millions of keywords to get your ads to rank higher. This, in turn, can help you reach a better audience, increase your exposure, improve your website traffic, and more.
  2. Your hired Google AdWords expert can help you earn a higher SERP (search engine results page) ranking by creating relevant ads. Most business owners are under the misconception that the higher the amount you pay, the better advertising spots you get. This is not true. More money cannot buy the top advertising spots, so any size of budget can allow you to compete with top brands for customers.
  3. Google makes use of search and display networks to help you create ads that will appear in search results. The variety of options and guidance available to you can help you generate more leads.

The best Google AdWords experts suggest a number of ways in which Google Ad campaigns can be launched to ensure campaign success for businesses. Some of the most-voted tips include:

Launch a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

1. Use of the Correct Terminology Makes All the Difference

It is essential that you refer to your products and services by the brand or category names that you have come up with to sell them. Those terms are not necessarily the same words or phrases your customers use to describe them. Customers often use terms that are shortcuts for the actual name or the ones used within an industry. To be able to reach your potential customers, you will have to adopt a mix of terminologies, i.e. the industry-accepted jargon and commonly used terms.

2. Experiment with Multiple Keywords in the Beginning

Test various search terms and a variety of keywords in every category for each ad group. It is also advisable to have a couple of ads per ad group category so that you can test how each ad is performing, based on the keyword and ad group combination. Make observations and adjust the ads based on the results obtained.

3. Create Landing Pages that Convert

Results from ads improve drastically if you introduce a custom landing page better known as a campaign landing page. Compile all the relevant content including customer reviews, datasheets, videos, and more. However, on the landing page itself, visitors to the page can get all the information at a glance. Add relevant SEO terms to the page as well. Another great advantage of the page is that customers and prospects can easily be referred to the landing page. As it has all the appropriate resources and information. This page is extremely useful for B2B marketers if the existing content on the website is not aligned toward making a sale. You can even track the performance of the page by including a tracking code through Google AdWords.

4. Look Beyond Analytics

Google Analytics never presents false data, but if interpreted in the wrong way, the data can mislead you into adopting a less effective strategy. For instance, increasing the budget of a particular campaign at times can improve results. Even when Google indicates that it is not generating enough queries. Play around with the budget routinely to find the best fit. 

Another misconception that most business owners have is that clicks matter the most. While this may be true when testing a call to action or offers against one another, clicks are usually irrelevant if the ad is informational. This is the case in most B2B marketing campaigns. Furthermore, impressions can be the most valuable when aiming to improve awareness. If a business is using a cost-per-click bidding strategy to measure results, impressions tag along as the free benefit of Google AdWords.

5. Keep Trying Various Permutations and Combinations

It is quite common for business owners to become frustrated with terminology problems and lackluster clicks. But it is important to not get discouraged. Try different variations of the ad copy, different timings of posting ads, and different budgets. Use your market knowledge to improve your Google ads. Develop a personal bond with your end users. Integrate other forms of marketing as well and create pages with relevant content to attract your target audience. Leverage the capabilities of Google AdWords to improve results in a short span of time significantly. 

Running ads on Google AdWords and setting up analytics is equivalent to setting your business up for success. With quality tracking in place, you can help your business benefit immensely from the marketing efforts enabled through Google Ads. A certified Google AdWords expert can help set up your campaign and offer your company the ability to capture leads quickly and efficiently.