SoftProdigy’s Journey Towards the Center of Innovation

The path that leads to the goal is often filled with obstructions but these hurdles can never stop you from achieving what you desire, if you’re dedicated and passionate about something.

A journey that expands around 11+ years, during which our ship started sailing towards our destined land where we could be part of the ongoing technological an innovative revolution.

Like every journey our ship also felt the tides of challenges, the highs and the lows but the dedicated and high-spirited team, which is our family at SoftProdigy, always stood united no matter what!

A ship at the harbor is always safe, but that is not what ships are built for!

SoftProdigy set its sail in 2006, shown the path by the idea of providing high-quality web designs, solutions for web development, as well as off-center internet-driven digital marketing and sales strategies. The growth curve for us continued to rise steeply over the time, thanks to our impulse for exceeding the belief of our clients. In our comparatively young history, we have been a cue to the never-ending success stories of many internet businesses and successfully implemented projects.

Quality performance has always been our priority concern. We pivot on creating ultra-efficient informative architecture, pleasing and appealing visual designs, great interactivity, and engaging content. More than everything else, we are certain in making things happen!

We’ve been contributory in bringing to life many projects. From startups to the fortune 500 companies, we’ve lent our prolific expertise and made a difference in the lives of people all over the world.

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor

Our belief at SoftProdigy goes with the saying Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.

And nothing actually happens till you make the things work and life is short, do the stuff that matters. What matters to us since the beginning is to embrace the journey through which we go, learn from everything and be the part of the bigger change.

So, the journey from the beginning kept on progressing and we continued adding members to our family, from a team, we became a joint family of 110+ mates. A strong and dedicated family, which believes that Success trains, Failure complains

SoftProdigy Work Anniversary

And SoftProdigy isn’t just about working and building projects but it’s a family which lives together, works together and celebrates together, smiles together, and have been walking miles together. Celebrating whenever the life gives a reason of joy, so we try our best to make such moments memorizing for the SoftProdigy family.

A glimpse at some moments that we cherished with our family.

SoftProdigy 11 years of excellence

And here we are the SoftProgidians, having a time of life with our extended family. Where family is not just an important thing, it is everything. Here we have the support of all 110 people, we have achieved a lot and closed major deals, which eventually led us to team up with the many big players in the information technology industry and large enterprises around the world.

Going by the graceful methodology, our functioning emphasizes on the rapid delivery of the artifact in fully functional bits. With about a decade of project experience, we have figured out the best approach and framed our process across 3 different stages: Foundation, Formation, and Expression We do not go by breaking a project into tasks and scheduling it thereafter, but rather we align it into individual sprints with a definite duration and deliverables.

Achievements and accomplishments

Top Ecommerce Company India

1. Clutch recognizes SoftProdigy as a Leading Custom Software Developer

2. ITFirms mentioned SoftProdigy in the Top magneto Development Companies

3. Clutch once again recognized SoftProdigy but this time as the Top Ecommerce Developers in India

But there is still more to come in the bag of achievements for our family.

Annual Meet at SoftProdigy

And the strong dedication, passion and hard work of the SoftProdigians have made us proud a lot of times. The best part of achieving something is when we do it as a whole – as a family.

The stories of our success and endeavor have been the talk of the town, reaching other corners across other cities which helped us getting the attention from potential clients and candidates.

Without even realizing, our little family of start-up grew into a brand name – with all eyes on us, we still have the growing ambitions to grow with our members, facing every challenge together and welcoming the new opportunities for which our arms are always open.

And we have earned the partnership with some of the big names across all the industries. Some of the biggest contributions are with Infosys, Tech Mahindra, and Deloitte as follows:

1. Infosys

SoftProdigy collaborated with Infosys’ Product vertical – EdgeVerve to build a youth banking application. The application was successfully deployed in one of the national banks of India. IBM Worklight was the primary technology of this product.

2. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra and SoftProdigy joined hands to deliver a mission-critical project for one of the Tech M’s premium clients in automobile domain based in US. The intra-portal application was made live in July 2017 with lot of client appreciations.

SoftProdigy acted fast to learn a niche technology – Liferay DXP and DevOps to develop the application.

3. Deloitte

SoftProdigy is now an extended development arm of Deloitte for crafting its product meant for Goods and Services Tax of India. This product, made in Angular and .NET technologies, has now been deployed in more than 10 cities in India.

Certifications in the bag of SoftProdigy

SoftProdigy has also achieved certifications from enterprises and big names such as Salesforce Platform Developer a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Google AdWords Certified, Magneto Certified, a NASSCOM member, a certified iOS Developer, and mentioned various times in the Top Developers by Clutch.

Even though we have achieved a lot, still we are looking ahead and are a lot more excited for the journey ahead the road for becoming one of the most preferred technology companies.

With more of the endeavor coming this year, we are ready to welcome all the opportunities looking ahead for us.