SoftProdigy Upgrades its Blue Dart Shipment Integration Magento Extension

SoftProdigy being a Magento certified company has launched a number of successful extensions that have met the requirements that generally arise for ecommerce website owners.  The upgraded ‘Blue Dart Shipment Integration Magento Extension’ extension is geared towards providing a great user-experience on any e-commerce website and make its functionality easier to understand and follow. This helps online store owners to allow shoppers to check the availability of ‘Cash on Delivery’ option in their region and for the product they wish to purchase.

Every customers prefers the “Cash on Delivery” option while placing an order which in return enhances the credibility of eCommerce websites. COD acts as an important trust factor between an eCommerce website and its customers.  Apart from building trust on the website, it also makes customer’s shopping experience more convenient. Keeping in mind the customer preferences and the website’s ease of use, SoftProdigy has brought this extension to the Magento market. The extension includes the following features:

1. Cash on Delivery: The customer can check the availability of ‘Cash on Delivery’ on the product he wishes to purchase as this option is not available for every region; the region where this option is given is decided by its shipping partner – Blue Dart Company.

2. Amount of Payment:  A minimum amount for which “cash on delivery” option is available can be set by the website owners.

In case the user forgets adding zip code on product details page, the extension automatically notifies him about the availability of COD option when they fill their Zip Code in the shipping details on the checkout page.

The extension generates a PDF for the order placed by the user and an email with the product details is sent to the sales department as soon as the shipment has been confirmed from the admin end. Pdf contains users’, products’, and companies’ details, and order IDs of the products in the form of a barcode.

The Blue Dart team can then scan the ID of the product when the order is received and then carry out order tracking.

This extension can be easily downloaded and installed. Don’t miss on this opportunity to improve your store performance.