SoftProdigy Launches the MagTrack – Magento Sales Tracking Android App

SoftProdigy has been at the helm of technology and has been bringing great products one after the other to the online audience. The driving principle behind the products is making life simpler for online store owners as well as online shoppers. Moving along the same lines, SoftProdigy has created an app for online retailers that helps them monitor their store from any place and any time through their mobile device. This robust sales tracking Android app for Magento store owners helps them refine their sales and marketing strategies in order to get better results by analyzing data obtained on the website. It is now available for download for users who can deal with their busy schedules and still manage to keep a track of visitors and customers on their website.

 MagTrack Features

The app is complete with a number of great features that help get direct access to real time data without the involvement of third party sites. This step ensures data security as well as greater speed.

 Overview Report

 The app gives detailed information on new orders received, customers, and sales that took place since the last time you logged in. Each sections shows detailed information when tapped. The app also shows sales reports from multiple stores when views are switched. The app gives out monthly reports that contains complete information on total sales value, daily sales value, and other important proportions.

 Bestseller Report

 The app gives information on products that are doing exceptionally well on the store which help the online retailer decide the course of action for promoting the store through the product. The list is made according to the popularity of the products in the descending order. The app gives the name, units sold, and price of bestselling products. The data is arranged according to time and order status to help the user better understand and use the data. Further information about the product is made available on clicking on the project.

 Order Report

 The order report lists all the orders made on the store in chronological order which allows the owner to keep a track of and stay on top of affairs on the website. The orders can be filtered by status, customer’s name or ID. The order details such as name of the item, quantity, and customer information can also be accessed.

 Customer Report

 Registered users on a store are given the option of accessing their details. The customers’ phone numbers, emails, country, and number of orders placed can be seen.

 Push Notifications

The users get push notifications when any of the following is achieved:

1. When a new order is placed on the store.
2. When total sales cross $100 in a day.
3. When total sales cross $1000 in a day.
4. When new orders cross 10 in a day.
5. When new orders cross 50 in a day.

The notification allows the person get the information without having to follow through on the app and open it again and again for updates.


1. Support Android 2.2 or later.
2. Easy to install and configure
3. User-friendly interface
4. No license key required.
5. No Credit cards required to use the app.

How the App Works?

MagTrack is a one of its kind Magento sales tracking app for providing essential user data in an easy manner. The app can only generate data through the Free MagTrack module extension available on SoftProdigy Store. Only after the specific module has been installed on the Magento store can the mobile app start tracking the data. After the module has been installed, the mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It gives accurate data about the various facets of the store and helps the online store owner get real time information, based on which he can take important decisions.

How Does MagTrack Help the E-commerce Industry?

MagTrack is a free mobile sales tracking app for Magento that helps store owners keep a tab on how their business is being perceived on the internet, and at the same time monitor how it is performing in terms of sales, orders, reviews from any place and at any time. The app helps you have total access to data in real time. It is an excellent way to build great client relations and maintain them effectively. The app provides data relating to customers, orders, bestsellers, etc. through reports. The online retailers can plan sales and marketing strategies based on the data received from this app.

The online store owner no longer needs to sit glued to the computer screen in order to assess how the store is performing. The app consolidates all the data and gives a report that is complete in every respect and can assist users in making informed decisions. The app goes a long way in boosting sales.

MagTrack Amazing Design

The app has a great interface and is designed in a manner that promotes easy understanding of the data. It helps get data in one glance which in turn can be used to make strategies to promote the business.

MagTrack Screenshots:

Download the app today and benefit from its numerous features to market your store even better and make it more aligned to customer needs.