SoftProdigy Introduces Universal Currency Support by PayPal

Being at the helm of technology, SoftProdigy has been instrumental in providing new technologies to Magento store owners that improve their experience and make their work easier. Its latest Magento extension – Universal Currency Support By PayPal Magento Extension allows easy funds transfer on e-commerce websites through PayPal, despite the restrictions on various currencies to transact through PayPal.

PayPal is regarded as one of the most convenient modes of money transfer when buying stuff online. It is trusted by most of the online retailers and installed on the online shopping websites to serve as a means for convenient money transfer. However, some websites cannot benefit from this facility as limited access is given to them. There are currencies that cannot be exchanged through PayPal due to this limited access, and thus websites where most of the customers deal in currencies that are not supported by PayPal lose out on the benefits of this extension. This problem is being solved by SoftProdigy’s latest Magento extension.

The extension converts money in US Dollars no matter what the currency the user is using. It then goes on to complete the transaction without a hitch and helps the user easily shop online on a particular website. It makes the shopping experience on any website extremely comfortable for both – the online shopper as well as the online retailer. It expands the audience base for the online store.