SoftProdigy Awarded by Clutch as India’s Best Chatbot Developer

Powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots have grown popular over the years due to their convenience and effectiveness. The software application can automate conversations and interact with actual people via messaging platforms. Businesses nowadays, prefer using chatbots to handle simple inquiries, saving time and improving efficiency along the way.

Here at SoftProdigy, we specialize in delivering state-of-the-art AI chatbots that do wonders for your company. Since 2006, our company has been charging and leading the digital revolution through our tailored solutions and services. We are a highly proficient team of dedicated experts based in Mohali, India.

That said, it is an honor for us to announce that we have been awarded by Clutch, a B2B company resource platform. According to their recent press release, SoftProdigy is the leading company in India’s chatbot development space.

Considering that only the best gets recognized by Clutch, we are ecstatic to hear this news. Clutch has been a fantastic partner for our company, and we can’t wait to collaborate with them in the future.

In accordance with this milestone, we want to thank our clients for their support and trust. This recognition was made possible thanks to our clients’ exceptional reviews on our Clutch profile.

SoftProdigy is grateful to have such amazing people behind its back. Here are some quotes from our clients’ remarkable feedback:

“What I didn’t expect is that their customer service is phenomenal & second to none. That is what has sold and kept me as a customer of Softprodigy. They have a very eager to please manner, but what really sets them apart is their attention to detail—it’s world-class.”

— CEO, SecureWiFi Technologies

“Their ability to communicate stands out to me. When you message many developers, it’ll take a few days, or maybe a week for them to respond. SoftProdigy always responds within the day, or even instantly. We never have to wait on a message to be able to solve an issue and keep moving with them.” 

– Owner,

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