Skills Considered for Hiring a Dot NET Development Company

Are you planning to create your business application using Dot NET? Then we have a guide to hiring the right .NET development company. It is critical to ensure a successful project.

For example, you might have heard several horror stories of project failures. What comes as a shock is it happened even after working with the most advanced technologies. But why is it so? The reason may be that you’re working with an inexperienced professional who lacks the necessary skills and experience. If you do not want to waste your money and time, you must choose the .NET development agency that has skilled and experienced experts. 

What is Dot NET?

Created by Microsoft, Dot NET is an open-source development technology that allows developers to create different types of applications. These are web, mobile, games, desktop, IoT, cloud, microservices, etc. As per your needs and goals, you can create any application.

In short, it offers a powerful platform for software solutions like development, execution, and maintenance. Moreover, it builds cross-platform applications. It will reduce the hassle of developing applications that target multiple operating systems. Are you looking for a dynamic application within the budget? If so, hire an impeccable Dot NET development agency. However, they must have the following skills to be a reliable option:

Essential skills your Dot NET development company should possess

You require an enterprise-level and data-driven application to run your business smoothly online. And it is a perfect tool to do so. If you want to make the best of this framework, hire a Dot NET development company with vital skills. Some non-technical skills are good communication, analytical, teamwork, problem-solving, and organization skills. Below, we have explained the technical knowledge and expertise.

1. Microsoft Azure

Today, businesses prefer cloud-based solutions for their applications. After all, they ensure better security and reliability. Besides this, organizations can save additional costs of configuring and maintaining the server.

When it comes to .NET applications, Microsoft Azure is an ideal cloud platform. It allows development companies to create, execute, and maintain apps without hassles. Plus, they do not have to invest or manage additional infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure provides three cloud models SaaS, PaaS, and laaS. Moreover, it has integrated cloud resources that match your compliance and security requirements. If you have unique needs, you can customize them accordingly.

We do not have to tell you the power of Azure .NET applications. Therefore, when you hire a Dot NET development company, they should use Azure code. Plus, they must know about Azure services like containers, databases, governance, Windows virtual desktops, and storage.

2. Frontend technologies

It is a full-stack development platform. It allows developers to build full-fledged applications compatible with multiple operating systems. So, it is responsible for crafting beautiful, intuitive frontend and powerful backend applications. A developer has to work with the necessary modules, tools, and components.

For this reason, hire a development company with in-depth knowledge using client-side technologies. It will give you peace of mind that your project is in the right hands. CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and JavaScript are the leading front-end techs. Every .NET professional must have expertise in these to build responsive and engaging interfaces.

3. Programming language

Developing robust .NET applications requires working with different programming languages. Some common ones are VB.NET, C#, J#, F#, C++, Python, and Iron Ruby. Remember, each language has its specifications and different modules.

For example, VB is used for creating web forms and services, whereas C# helps build gaming apps. A reliable development company must understand the different uses of programming languages. To make the right choice, do not forget to verify your potential company’s programming language proficiency.

4. Data security

Cyber-security is critical for websites and applications on the internet. As we know, hackers are constantly searching for ways to breach data and confidential information. Data availability, integrity, and confidentiality are fundamentals to maintaining data security. They are also necessary for .NET software development.

Every Dot NET development company should master the art of writing a clean, secure, and streamlined codebase. It will prevent data breaches and other online malware.

It has advanced authorization, authentication, and access control systems. And configuring them into some apps can be complex. Therefore, your potential .NET professionals must be proficient in security controls.

In closing

The demand for Dot NET development agencies or developers is at its peak. If you are planning to use .NET for web development, hire the right candidate. Knowing what to look for in your prospective company can save you time. The success of your application depends on your developers’ team. So, make an informed decision in terms of experience and skills (technical and soft skills).

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1. What is .NET?

.NET or Dot NET is a popular software development framework. Developers use it to build different types of applications like web, mobile, and web-based.

2. Which companies use .NET for application development?

Companies of all sizes use .NET to create feature-rich applications. Some big names are HCL, Dell, Accenture, TCS, Epic Systems, and more.