Seminar about living a healthy and stress-free life held at SoftProdigy.

SoftProdigy recently organized a life-changing seminar. A leading corporate trainer, Mr. Tarun Kumar was the main speaker who shared inspirational life thoughts experiences. He described the importance of having courage for taking the first step to achieve success.

His approach towards the seminar was completely based on practical and inspirational lessons. Whenever he called the employees forward, most of them felt that natural hesitation within themselves and hesitated to come forward. At instances, employees gathered the courage to come ahead and they were welcomed with applause and cheering by the staff.

This activity highlighted the importance of courage to come forward for success in life. The first step towards the success, it can be in competition, in case of a stage performance, and in the pursuit of the life’s ultimate goal we desire to achieve. Taking the first step requires guts and courage “Just like a push is required to start a car resisting to start due to low battery.

He basically incorporated fun-activity within the orientation program to make it a memorable a experience rather than a boring lecture.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

A post-seminar activity was also organized in the form of an article writing competition. According to which the participating employees had to write an article describing what was delivered in the seminar and what they managed to learn out of it. Out of all entries, two articles worth mentioning were

  • One Step Closer.. “ Written by Ms. Archana Parmar, MED She talked about the famous sayings about hustling for success, but we never really follow them. Mentioning the journeys of inspirational figures such as Dashrath Manjhi, everything it takes is just One step to achieve what you dream.
  • How to live a healthy and stress-free life “ Written by Ramesh Chand, MSS Mentioning how stress has become a part of our lifestyle and it sticks to us because we resist it. Stress comes from the negativity around us and affects us most when were ideal. Then he mentions some activities that we can very easily adapt to get rid of stress and have a sound sleep at the end of the day.
  • Pehla Kadam: The first step “ Written by Karanvir Singh, Content WriterSubmitted a poem, he explains the importance of first step how it makes an impact. The journey towards the success can be difficult but it is never impossible. We need to have our ideology to be revolutionary and dedicated. Even criticism is an important part of our life, just bounce-back every time you fall.
  • It’s okay to be less desiring, if you are more deserving!!  Written by Preetika Thakur, Digital Marketing Consultant “ She tells that the road of success is never easy to travel as it needs dedication and persistence. Taking a step forward can make a big difference, you need to remember that you’re not weak but your efforts are! We always love to read inspirational quotes and find them interesting but the change will come only when we apply them.
  • This seminar left very positive impact on the minds of our employees. You can read the articles by winners from our competition “ One Step Closer.., How to Live a Healthy & Stress-free life, Pehla Kadam “The first, and It’s okay to be less desiring, if you are more deserving!! this is evident how the first step can take your creativity to the next level.