Running a Business? Know How You Can Improve Your Business with Mobile Technology

In any kind of business, trading, or occupation, our foremost goal is to excel in what we’re doing. For any business, whosoever is engaged in needs to be efficient in it so that it can be improved overtime leading to expansion and more profits. But every business enterprise requires a number of things in order to walk on the path of success. In general, the 2 main pillars of every organization are its PR (Public Relations) department and Management department though they are managed and handled differently.

Traditionally, where a company had the above 2 to take care of the things manually, work was slow and was not that efficient. But with modern technology, speed and quality of work has enhanced. For example, mobility solutions like a company’s app can give that required boost to a company. The app will eventually increase work efficiency and will also act as a catalyst for the PR department since it will bridge the gap between the organization and the customers. They can directly contact the company officials through mails.

Talking of the management, an ill-managed business enterprise will never prove to be an asset, it will simply be a liability. In today’s highly challenging economic conditions, business improvement rakes upon reliability and efficiency of the management. Since business experts formulate policies of the organization and take all necessary decisions for its improvement, it’s responsible for creating a distinct identity in the market.

Mobile technology has become a highly relied on tool for businesses these days. Here are some ways of improving business with mobile technology:

1. Mobile payment
Payments can be made and received through the mobile technology. Credit card payments can be received at sales and delivery information can also be communicated through this medium.

2. Mobile apps for management tasks
A number of functions of the management team can be effectively carried out with the help of a mobile application invoicing, mapping, GPS, customer communication to name a few. Besides this, work schedules and information to employees can also be communicated by means of this host.

3. Mobile world banking
Banking work does not seem to be much of a job but it is anyway an important work. With mobile technology, banking work can also be taken care of. Transactions can be made, from checking account balance to verifying deposits and transactions, everything can be done.

4. Website creation
A mobile friendly website can be created which would serve the purpose of mobile users. A website should be designed keeping in mind its suitability for being used on a smaller screen. A special mobile version of the website can also be designed by simplifying the web design to be compatible on a smartphone screen.

5. Increase effectiveness and reduce costs
With mobile technology you can pull down the cost incurred in your business work. Some basic things like paper wastage can easily be controlled by using this medium. It will not just reduce the cost incurred in the marketing campaigns, but will also improve effectiveness of it altogether. Information which was earlier communicated by means of post or phone calls can now be communicated through mails and social media.

6. Software as a Service
Cloud-based technologies are offered to customers for a number of services. These are no longer limited to high-end business enterprises, a company with a minimum of 20 employees can also opt for SaaS.

7. Mobile coupons and loyalty cards
Coupons, cards and vouchers can be offered to customers virtually. These can be offered to customers while making sales and it can become an effective tool to attract more customers.

8. Information services
Information can be provided to customers about a wide variety of things. For example, stock availability, and pricing policies. Not only this, financial records can also be presented so that you can make your decisions regarding investments and other things.

9. Offer mobile tools to sales team
Sales team of any organizations must be armed with this effective tool. Smartphones and tablets provide them with communication and productivity tools to bridge the gap between them and the customers. This way they can engage in social collaborations, prepare invoices and presentations.

10. Online order placing
Customers can place their orders online. This saves them time and effort of going out to the store, looking around for what they want and buy it. They can now order things for home delivery and besides this, when things are sold online, they are sold at discounted prices. Hence, it seems like a win-win situation for the business as well as the customer.

In the current business world, smart phones and mobile devices have gained widespread popularity on account of its convenience and low cost. Besides this, it has enabled businessmen to perform their daily operations in a comparatively effortless way.

However, app development in itself is a costly step to take. And then, after it is prepared, it needs to be updated from time to time. Still, before you actually decide to get on the process of app development, you must be familiar with the pros and cons of developing a mobile app for your business:

• Apps provide prominence to your business in the market.
• They are convenient to use.
• Apps load faster than websites.
• Apps also provide services offline, while a websites requires you to log in first.
• Apps can be targeted at a variety of users like staff, dealers, end-users, etc.
• Apps help you perform your tasks faster and more efficiently.
• Apps provide you with uninterrupted connectivity with the clients.

• App development is a long process and requires a lot of time as it requires you to make it suitable for each platform like Android, Windows, iOS, etc.
• Updates are required to be given on a regular basis.
• App optimization is not as easy as mobile website optimization.
• The more functionalities to add to your app, the costlier it gets.
• An app may not work as much as the website and may even hamper your brand image.

Mobile application development is a new marketing channel, but in a very short time, it has gained popularity. Its efficiency and cost-effectiveness has made it highly preferable. Creativity, focus on client, and the ability to solve potential problems, when packed in the form of an app, will indeed help you build a strong clientele and improve your business eventually.