Essential Facebook Advertising Design Tips for Marketers

Facebook Advertising designs can make or break your business reputation.  

Post text, headline, and description are indeed vital to making Facebook ads stand out among the crowd. But design also plays an essential role in getting higher conversions. 

For example, you are scrolling your Facebook feed, and there, you run into a poorly designed Facebook ad. The marketer might have used creative content and relevant images. But if the design is blurry, there is no point. If viewers cannot see the ad clearly, they may not be able to relate to it. Hence, they will not take any action. The result will be futile.

If your priority is to increase your conversions, your Facebook Ad design should be on point. To create a winning Facebook Ad design, you have to consider several things. Therefore, it is best to hire a Facebook ads expert. Meanwhile, you can explore expert Facebook Ad design tips to boost your conversion rate. But before that, we will learn the importance of Ad design. 

Why is Facebook Advertising design important? 

Every marketer must create a great Facebook Ad design for various good reasons. Firstly, with a distinctly visible Ad design, you can visually communicate with your target audience. Plus, you can present your brand in the best possible light. You have an incredible product or offer for your Facebook audience. But if your ad is plain and blurry, you will not get any interactions. 

The following are the signs that your Ad design is excellent. 

    • It draws the user’s attention. 
    • It tells them about your brand and what you do.
    • It navigates your viewers to the next step without any confusion.

 Now, let us dive into pro tips for creating a successful Facebook Ad design.

5 Expert Facebook Ad design recommendations 

1. Pick your Ad format 

It is tempting for entrepreneurs and marketers to get into basic details about the final look of the Ad. But before getting into them, you need to choose your Ad format. At present, Facebook has eight ad formats, along with several variations.
Please remember, that each format is designed to meet specific marketing goals. So, make sure you choose the best option that suits your needs and demands. The following are the primary Facebook Ad formats, such as:

    • Photo 
    • Video
    • Stories
    • Carousel
    • Messenger
    • Slideshow
    • Collection
    • Playables

2. Choose the best Ad placement

Another factor that determines your Ad design is its placement. By choosing the Ad placement, you will know the amount of space available for your design.

Keep in mind if you design your Facebook ad without considering the space, the result will be disastrous. If you want to choose the best Ad placement, firstly, you should know what options are available. Here are some Ad placements and how to use them efficiently. 

      • Desktop right column – It is best for targeting customers who are familiar with your brand. It is affordable but less effective because of smaller images and hard-to-read text.
      • Desktop newsfeed – If your Facebook ad design includes longer copies and link descriptions, desktop newsfeed placement is the best option. With this, you can ensure better engagement, leads, and sales.
      • Mobile newsfeed – Are you targeting mobile users? If yes, then a mobile newsfeed is the right option for you. In this, the copies are shorter and concise, along with more engagement and easy discovery.

        Besides this, there are other placements like in-stream video, marketplace, stories, and audience networks. Based on your marketing goals and needs, you can choose the most suitable option.

3. Keep your value proposition front and CTA clear 

Do you know, on average online users take 1.7 seconds to browse a post? It means you have this much time to catch the attention of your target audience. For this reason, it is advisable to keep your value proposition front through an image. Plus, write a clear and to-the-point call to action. 

4. Sync your landing page with design

When you say click here and access, you make promises to your audience. After this, if your user does not get navigated to the respective landing page, you will experience a high bounce rate. It will significantly affect your conversions and ROI. Therefore, it is essential to keep your Facebook ad design and landing page in sync.

5. Get appropriate image sizes

When your Facebook advertising expert designs your ad, make sure the images are in perfect size and ratio. If your pictures or videos are poorly formatted, they can distort and become grainy. As a result, your audience will face difficulty seeing your Facebook ad, and there will be no engagements. Hence, it is crucial to get the right-sized images.

The bottom line 

By practicing these tips, you can create a great Facebook ad design. It will help you catch the attention of your target audience while offering a clear picture of your brand. In addition to this, an effective ad design can navigate users about what to do next. If you are ready to dive into creating a top-notch Facebook ad design, hire a Facebook ads expert today. 

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