Optimizing Facebook Ads: Key Tactics Every Facebook Ads Expert Should Use

The rise in digital ads cost is a matter of concern for Facebook ads experts and enterprises. Over the past few years, we have seen a significant change in the price. As per AdEspresso, 2020-2021 saw a 17% increase in the cost-per-click for Facebook ads.

What if the same pattern will see in 2024 to 2040? Then the cost-per-click will increase from $0.38-to $0.58 in two years. And it is not a good sign for Facebook marketing consultants.

Today, businesses want the best return on every dollar they spend. So, how can marketers meet these needs and demands? In this post, we will explain the best solutions to ace Facebook advertising within the budget. If you are an avid Facebook advertising expert, you should master these tactics, making ads effective and more affordable.

How can Facebook Ads Experts make the best use of cost-per-click advertising?

By practicing these tips, you can create a winning Facebook strategy. That means you can ensure efficient advertising that suits their budget. Without a further delay, it’s time to know these ways.

1. Combine content marketing with Facebook advertising

Content is the king everywhere, whether you are running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. Also, unlike in the past, Facebook ads experts use content for better results. Why? Well-searched and engaging content can draw more traffic. With time, the traffic may turn into customers. The best thing is using content marketing in your Facebook ad strategy can save you a few dollars.

Most people believe that Facebook ads are the best way to target and turn cold leads. But using Facebook advertising is not as easy as it seems. As a Facebook marketing consultant, you would know it. Therefore, it is essential to target warm audiences to help your clients enjoy excellent results. After all, they may not be ready to make purchases.

Remember, sending frequent sale ads will not work in your favor. You should focus on engaging with them and winning their trust. To do so, offer valuable content that solves their problems. You may create a blog, create a video, or share a social media post.

2. Focus on video ads

Videos are more engaging than static images and blog posts. Hence, they are better at drawing the attention of online users. If you want to become a successful Facebook ads expert, prioritize videos over any other content.

With video ads, you can make your clients Facebook ads remain relevant in 2024 and beyond. In fact, video advertising is a source of income for many enterprises and individuals. If you have been using Facebook ads for a while with no returns, switch to video ads immediately. The recent statistics of TikTok and Instagram prove that video marketing has a bright future.

Given these trends, Facebook marketing consultants leverage video ads to reach wider audiences. If you consider the budget for video ads, Facebook seems to have the lowest cost-per-click.

3. Create an email list

Since Facebook is a leading social media site, not marketing your business or brand on it is a big mistake. However, if you wish to yield more revenue from Facebook advertising, make Facebook one of the sources. Indeed, Facebook can help you trade each dollar into a profitable deal. But there is something you should know to become a proficient Facebook ad expert.

The algorithms and trends keep changing in digital marketing. If today Facebook is on the top, it may not be the same tomorrow. So, relying on Facebook for revenue generation is likely to put your business at risk. For this reason, Facebook advertising experts focus on diversifying a revenue strategy.

Are you wondering how to achieve this? Building your email list is one of the best strategies to generate long-term revenue. Unlike your Facebook ad contacts, you own your email list solely. You may choose from the best email software providers to incorporate Facebook audiences with email segmentation. In this way, you will optimize your Facebook ads and ensure a better return on investment.

4. Collect first-party data

Facebook ads experts have learned over the years that media buying is highly volatile. One such example is iOS 14. It was a hindrance for Facebook advertisers because of limited access to third-party data. As a result, several Facebook advertising consultants faced challenges owing to data limitations.

Is there any solution to deal with this setback? The answer is using first-party data over third-party data. You can use lead generation forms to capture first-party data. It includes your email list subscribers and people who make an account or complete a purchase. Other ways to collect first-party data are

  • Messenger bots to gather information from your users.
  • Custom forms integrated into Facebook ads.
  • You can use lead generation forms on your website.

The bottom line

These are excellent ways for Facebook ads experts to dominate Facebook marketing in years to come. With this, you will run Facebook ads at reduced cost-per-click while ensuring higher revenue generation. Facebook ads are great for product or brand promotion. But you should know how to use it efficiently. Hopefully, you learned something from this article and will implement it in your Facebook ad strategy.

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What is the monthly cost of running Facebook ads?

The budget of Facebook advertising may vary from one individual to another, depending on the goals and needs. However, the average monthly budget for running Facebook ads is $200 – $800.

Which type of Facebook ad is more beneficial?

Currently, carousel ads seem to be more effective for Facebook. Compared to single image or video format ads, carousel ads offer better engagement while increasing time spent.