Offer Free Promotional Gifts on Your Magento Store with an Amazing Extension

The e-commerce industry is a highly competitive one and businesses vie for a customer’s attention. They need to come up with novel methods time and time again in order to hold their attention and keep them engaged. Free Gifts is one of the biggest motivation that an online store can offer its audience. It helps convert maximum sales and bring benefits to both the parties. The concept of promotional is fast catching up and businesses are taking advantage of this by creating smart offers for their store. We have come up with an extension that can help online retailers offer free gifts to their customers on the purchase of items amounting to a certain cost.

The extension has a number of great features. The extension provides an option to add free gift when a user adds products to cart. The online store owner can control the cost floor over which he wishes to offer free promotional gifts. This means only the customers fulfilling the basic cost floor criterion can add the gift in their kitty. The nature of gift, its price, and other details can also be controlled by the seller. The gifts can be pre-defined. Additionally, the extension allows store owners to add configurable products as promotional products. This acts as an added advantage and gives the store an edge over its competitors.

The extension has started creating a buzz in the online community and online retailers are finding immense use for it.