Now Ad Campaigns Becomes Easy with Facebook

Facebook has disclosed the newer version of its Conversion Lift measurement tool that was earlier released in January. Previously, Facebook allowed its users to measure the online rating of the ad campaigns but now various ads can be tested simultaneously to find the best results.

“When we’ve gotten feedback on the Conversion Lift stuff, one of the big improvements we were asked for was, ‘I want to be able to test more things as I run campaigns, as opposed to just finding out if it worked,’” said Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s vice president of measurements and insights.

With the help of the new Conversion Lift tool, comparing and controlling multiple tests will be easy for the advertisers. They can quickly review which ads are being liked more by people and thereby compare brands. For example Wix, a website developer compared a group showcasing direct response ads with the other group that showcased both direct response and video ads. It was discovered that the combination of both performed better as it enhanced subscription signups. Compared to the direct response group that saw 6.8% upliftment, the other group saw slightly larger i.e. an upliftment of 7.4%.

With the new Conversion Lift, one can also view how ads have an uplift so the app developers are not simply optimizing campaigns in order to deliver maximum number of downloads but will also focus on enhancing revenue.