New York Business Expo and Conference 2016- Learn, Connect and Grow

The long awaited business conference of the year- NY Xpo 2016 is all set to greet business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and the intelligent minds to discuss their ideas and find answers to business challenges.

SoftProdigy shall be showcasing its proficiency in the IT domain and is all set to help fellow business owners craft best solutions for their company, thus helping them grow. In the 2016 New York Business Expo and Conference event, the main focus is on ‘what’s happening’ and ‘what’s next’. The business conference would revolve around the emerging trends across the business world and gauge the challenges, opportunities and open doors in digital communication, marketing, finance and more. SoftProdigy marks its presence at Booth No. 207 for the biggest business conference of the year. Our company representative will be there to answer all your queries regarding the following-

Emerging Technologies- In this ever rising competitive world, maintaining a business’s brand presence is a must. And, keeping with the latest technologies and strategies is the key to success. Our company representative will endow his best knowledge and work to help you understand on how to keep up with the emerging changes in the lowest cost possible.

How to streamline marketing processes- In this internet obsessed world, where everything is going online, marketing a business digitally is vital. But, this isn’t enough. Businesses need networking the other way too. Do visit us on Booth No. 207 and get insights on how event marketing and alliances with focused organizations will help drive more business.

Networking events- NY Xpo organized activities allow you to hold face to face meetings with industry experts who help you understand the current market situations. Book your slot today to have a conversation with our representative and you will have all your queries answered.

Feel free to visit our booth and strike a conversation with our representative to get a brief idea on how emerging businesses evolve in the competitive market and what unique ideas to integrate in order to stand out of the crowd.

Also, feel free to ask for our brochure and have a brief on our services.