Moving Towards the 4th Industrial Revolution Riding on the Back of IoT

Massive technological advancements are leading the world today, a transformation which is being led by advancing speed and further expanding the scope of the Information technology industry. Many of the experts have admitted that it is leading towards the pathway of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Thus, with the technology innovations, this exponential growth is creating a way for the fourth industrial revolution personified by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the emerging Internet of Things and bio-technology. These new emerging technologies are clear-cut, but they all depend on the ever-present and increasingly rapid connectivity.

Change Begins from the Idea

“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often”, the words said by none other than Winston Churchill exactly fit the motive of IoT, as new opportunities lead to pursue of change. A long lasting legacy is always driven by change and in today’s time there is no moment to pause in this pursuit.

Decisions of today help us to determine that how technology would change our important decisions and our society, where it helps to determine the possibilities in our hands. Today’s fast-paced transformation in the aspect of the technology, the internet of things is being foreseen as the ride of the advancement which could eventually lead us to the revolution. In the society, we want greater sensibility and least climate impact, least amount of waste, more mobility and customized services with greater inclusion.

These are a large amount of promises on issues that we can tackle with the help of internet of things. The World Economic Forum has labelled the IoT as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and this for sure says all about it as connecting computers and devices using a unique IP address have been possible since a decade ago, but with the introduction of sensors, processors, actuators, and other emerging technologies which further enable IoT possibilities that are making it possible to move beyond being just connected, into an intelligent world enabled with Internet of Things.

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Beginning of a Revolution

Wise people say that history always carries and have a lesson to teach, industrial revolution always takes the economies forward, creating new opportunities, improving the society, gives birth to the new services, improves the quality of life – it is the same revolution that made the man from travelling on feet to drive mechanical cars and the most important of all new job opportunities are born. It is an exciting time that we are a part of the ongoing revolution.

The consolidation of the digital and the physical worlds is on the way, technology is becoming a core driver of how the society functions and redefines the lifestyles and the landscape in which we work and live in. The government and the organizations must be ready to adapt to this shifting landscape for everyone’s benefit.

The rise of the technologies such as IoT empowers organizations, people, and the government such that they can be promised and their eyes can live the dream of the fourth industrial revolution. The revolution is alive and ongoing with every device being added to the family of the intranet and in this age of digitization, it is becoming possible to interconnect the things such as physical devices, vehicles and buildings. From being a simple city to moving towards becoming a “Smart City”, from wearing just the ordinary watches to keeping the track of time to renovating the wrist equipment to a “Smart Watch”, which keeps the track of daily lifestyle and the things to do. With consistently moving with this pace, the days of the perfect future are near when we move from just “Smart Cities’ to what we dream as the “Smart Universe”.

This all became possible because of the connectivity between devices, which has been transformed. At the earlier phases, connecting devices such as vending machines relied on Cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Connectivity and required mains charging connectivity. But as for now, our connectivity requirements have amplified. Now, we want connectivity in the least accessible places such as rural fields, factories in remote locations, and in cars which means possibly everywhere.

Empowering connectivity by the use of different ways such as cloud-based analytics, using low-power WAN, 4G data, and of course the super-effective new 5G standard, which is being designed from the bottom up to support the IoT.

From Connecting People to Everything

As mentioned that by 2020 more than 60 billion things, varying from cranes to coffee making machines, will all be connected by the internet. That means exactly that a lot of data will be created, which is too much of data. There will be a requirement for the improvements in the costs of the storage and the transmission of all that data.

But being exposed to the emerging change when there is a pursuit ongoing to create a revolution, it also invites new challenges.

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Speaking of machines and more devices, which means creating more data is that each of them would be based on a lot of different programming languages. Machines of today still use the languages from the 1980s and 90s as well as the new languages of today. In short, applications need to have their data translated by an Internet of Things babelfish, you definitely need to – before it makes sense of the given information.

And definitely security becomes an important part of this communication as there would be least possible human interaction when data is shared from the device to the date center which we define as machine to machine communication. Misidentified devices on a network can always cause outages, security risks and affect analytics.

And now we here

IoT is the network of tomorrow, a phenomenon which is becoming an important part of our lives and our lifestyle. Digital transformation has opened the gate to new opportunities for organizations by improving customer experience, transforming costs, and by creating new business models.

And the most fundamental step to success of the digital business is the network on which we rely, it’s only the network that can deliver the performance and bring this choice of services together and the best user experience that your customers will demand.

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