Microsoft Ensures Windows 10 Users will Get Complimentary Upgrade Path

Since Microsoft has taken over Nokia, it has been constantly surprising the public. Everyone is curious as Microsoft has planned Windows 10 upgrade in late July this year.

Windows has been quite clever about its work. To brief up, anyone who installs Windows 10 beta build 10130, will be upgraded undoubtedly to the free version of Windows 10. Fortunately, this is regardless of whether the last version windows was eligible for the free upgrade or not. If you are running Windows 7, you may easily gain the benefits of Windows 10 directly from Control Panel’s Windows Update utility. Users don’t have to mess around with prior installations and editing of files etc. Even the previous data won’t be deleted with upgradation, but one small little thing that you need to do is download an ISO and create installation disk. This is quite quick.

Unfortunately, there is a bad news for Windows 8.0 users as Microsoft isn’t providing an upgrade path for Windows 10. However, Windows 8.1 is eligible for the same. During the WinHEC conference in Shenzhen, China, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 upgrade path.

In the latest upgrade the start menu is at the back and in expanded form. The new version start and resumes faster, inculcates more built-in security and helps you keep safe. According to Microsoft ’Windows 7 and Windows 8’ strength is embedded in Windows 10. For the betterment Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge that is a browser buildup to give a new web experience.

Even with the allurement of free and easy upgrade, users might not budge if the process in complex. Microsoft certainly wants to clutch on as many users as it can onto the latest version of its operating system and hence it will leave no tables unturned and this accessible upgraded version is first step towards its enhancement.