Marketing Ideas To Run An Effective 4th Of July Campaign

American Independence Day is around the corner. As we are almost at the end of June, you still have time to create an effective campaign for July 4th.

This day is one of the biggest days of the year for the retail industry, with the average spending of nearly $300 by each American. Thus, businesses or brands across the United States run creative, effective campaigns to take advantage of this spending bump.

For most retail owners, summer is a bit slow. If you’re one of them, it is an excellent opportunity to make up for all the losses incurred through the year. From Uber to Zappos, Brit + Co., Michael Kors, and Smathers & Branson, the huge brands have previously nailed their July 4th campaigns and promotions.

If you have no idea what does an effective July 4th campaign or marketing looks like, your digital marketing services provider will help you understand. Meanwhile, you can go through the marketing ideas listed by our experts to run a campaign for improving your sales.

However, before delving into these marketing ideas, you need to know some facts related to July 4th, which play an essential role in improving your marketing campaign. Prosper Insights and Analytics surveyed the National Retail Federation, which says:

  • Nearly 61% of Americans celebrate Independence Day with a picnic, barbecue, or cookout.
  • Out of 86% of Americans who celebrate Independence Day, approximately 26% of them buy additional items having patriotic sentiments.
  •  $6.7 billion is the expected spending on food items.

However, this year, things might be a lot different because of the COVID-19 hit! We are still positive things work out for businesses. So, let’s have a look at some cool marketing tips:

let’s have a look at some cool marketing tips
  • Give 4th of July discounts

Most American businesses offer special discounts on the 4th of July to attract more customers. It is because most shoppers are active at this time of the year. If you want to take advantage of this spending bump, make sure you hold sales or promotions for American Independence Day.

  • Use holiday hashtags

You can also use relevant hashtags throughout the first week of July. It will help reach out to a wider range of target audiences and eventually find new customers. Some of the most common hashtags include #4thofJuly #IndependenceDay #AmericanIndependenceDay #IndependenceDaySale, etc.

Apart from this, you can also choose a unique yet creative hashtag to run a campaign on social media platforms. With this, you can increase your customers’ engagement by prompting them to share videos, photos, and more.

  • Run a Facebook or Instagram contest

Host a giveaway or selfie contest on Facebook and other popular social media platforms. It is a celebratory time, so it is the best way to engage your users. You can also ask your users to share their favorite memories related to July 4th.

  • Focus on your customer experiences

Content marketing has never been so powerful, as it is today. Brands that offer engaging and compelling content to their users are the ones creating buzz and gaining loyalty.

  • Make Amends in your Website or App

Seek help from professional developers working in web development or hybrid mobile app development to make necessary amends in your website or app. You can add sale banners, pop-ups, or sliders on top of your website or app announcing the 4th of July sale or discounts offered by you.

These are some of the ways to uptick your business’ online visibility and increase your Independence Day sales. Keep in mind that people are still going out a lot because of the COVID-19 outbreak and so, they are most likely to stay at home on July 4th. So, your campaigns should be mobile-optimized and allow better engagement with your customers while they stay back at home.

Therefore, you should hire a company that offers impeccable digital marketing services and hybrid mobile app development so that your mobile app supports all devices. As a result, your customer can view your campaign regardless of the device they use. 

If you’re looking for one of the top digital marketing agencies, get in touch with our experts at SoftProdigy. We have been providing business with customized IT solutions to meet their business’ needs and budget.

Summary – Businesses, both small and large, use patriotic marketing ideas to connect with their customers during July 4th, which eventually improves their sales. To promote your business, this Independence Day, make sure you show your audience how thrilled you are.