Mark Zuckerberg praises Digital India during a session with the Indian Prime Minister

The event goes ahead day two of the PM’s visit to Silicon Valley, where he has met with financial specialists and CEOs to energize interest in his nation. Talking at Facebook’s campus, Modi took questions on his endeavors to help bring a greater amount of the nation online and the need to pool in more business in the nation.

Amid the Q&A, Zuckerberg emphasized the significance of getting a greater amount of the world on the web – the objective of the Facebook-supported initiative. However he abstained from saying the initiative by name. The initiative, which took off in India a year ago has turned into a wellspring of discussion in the nation lately.

Rather, Zuckerberg applauded Modi’s endeavors with Digital India, the Indian government’s program to help rural areas of India get access to the Internet

Facebook also rolled out a new tool that allows users to add a special filter to their profile picture to show their support for Digital India., which Zuckerberg showed off on his own page Sunday.

Facebook hopes to achieve its next billion users, the social network’s vicinity in India is progressively critical., Facebook’s arrangement to provide free Internet access to developing nations with limited connectivity, is a major part of that strategy.

Be that as it may, has had a rough welcome in the nation. The initiative started fierce debate in India that reached a crucial stage earlier this year when several prominent Indian companies pulled their support for the initiative, following criticism it interferes with the tenets of net neutrality.