Look At the Future of App Development Services and Choose for Your Business Accordingly

Gone are the days when apps were used only for killing times. Modern day apps are much more than what actually they used be a decade or two ago. From merely a source of entertainment to kill time to becoming the core of modern businesses, applications have come a long way. They are technologically advanced and have a lot of importance for businesses from the marketing point of view for businesses. And with rapid technological advancements in the domain of app development, the importance of apps for businesses is only growing.

Are You Planning to Get an App for Your Business?

What? You are still just planning to get an app for your business? Wow! This is unbelievable! If you are businessman/businesswoman and do not have an app for your business then must get an app for your business. But Why? Take a look below to know the reasons:

  • 1. Availability of more mobile apps than the total number of humans on our planet earth indicates towards more opportunity of business growth.
  • 2. Modern mobile apps are smart enough to help you cater to your business requirements/projects.
  • 3. By the end of 2020, mobile applications are expected to generate the revenue of $190 billion for businesses.
  • 4. Almost 72% people are searching for businesses their services and products online through mobile/web applications.
  • 5. Every weekend, 18% searches through mobiles apps get converted into leads.

These facts do not lie! And think about one more thing! A lot of business mark inception every year. And 90% of them sink into the darkness of disaster because they do not rub with shoulder with the latest technology. Would you every like to see your business joining the army of those businesses? You need to think about it and get an app for your business.

But What Kind of App Should You Opt For?

This is a very important question! There are mainly three types of apps. These three different types of apps are as mentioned below:

  • 1. Hybrid Apps
  • 2. Native Apps
  • 3. Progressive Apps

You cannot just go for any kind of mobile app development services blindly. That is right! It is important that you figure out your business requirements and decide to seek mobile application development services accordingly. As for reason, there is a difference between these three types of apps.

The Difference Between Hybrid, Native and Progressive Apps:

Experienced professionals in the domain of mobile app development services advise you to understand the difference between hybrids, native and progressive mobile apps to be able to figure the best app needed for your business.

  • 1. Hybrid Applications:

It is not easy to differentiate between hybrid applications and common applications found in your smartphone. Hybrid apps look very much like common mobile apps found in your mobile phone. You can get them in play stores. They are downloaded more than any common apps because they are smart enough to understand user’s requirements. Such apps are developed using a combination of website development technologies like CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript and are hosted inside apps using mobile platform’s website view. Moreover, hybrid App Development is very much similar to the development of its native counterpart.

  • 1. Hybrid App Development Services are Perfect Your Business if…
  • 2. Your business needs a robust and app in less time.
  • 3. You are cash strapped, in simple words, if your budget is not so high.
  • 4. Hybrid apps are compatible with other platforms like Windows, Blackberry, iOS and Android because of their code is reusable.
  • 2. Native Apps:

Native applications are dedicated to specific platform or a device. These native applications are available only in dedicated applications stores and are capable of interacting the features of operating system and other software installed on the particular platform or device. Native android application is developed only for Android operating system while iOS/Windows native apps are only for iOS/Windows operating system users. Native mobile app development is performed using Java, Windows, C and C++ etc. When it comes to native mobile application development process for iOS, it is performed with the help of XCode and Objective C etc.

  • 1. Businesses should opt for native app development services because they are capable of interacting their features of the device, operating system and software installed on it.
  • 2. Full support is available from their dedicated app stores and markets.
  • 3. They can be easily downloaded by users.
  • 4. They are completely safe and secure for the device and operating systems because they have to get the approval of application stores they are developed for.
  • 5. Native mobile app development guarantees supreme user experience and ease of use.

3. Progressive Apps:

Progressive web application development is definitely going be a next big thing in the domain of mobile-based website applications. Google, the search engine giant, became the pioneer of progressive app’s develop0ment concept in the year 2015. They are very easy to use for users and instantly provide best experience to users. As for reason, progressive web application development process leverages the latest technologies utilized with the objective of combining the very best of mobile and website-based applications.
Progressive website applications utilize the entire website ecosystem also involving plugins and, community and considerable ease of deployment and maintenance of a website as compared to native and hybrid apps in their respective app stores. What makes Progressive Web apps the order of the day? Let’s it below:
A lot of apps lose 20% of their users just because users cannot use them unless they are downloaded and installed and opened. On the other hand, it is not necessary for users to download them and install them prior to using. Instead, they can use them straightway. They need to go through the downloading and installation stages. Users have to download and install and upgrade to a full-screen experience after coming back to the app.

  • 1. They are progressive, discoverable and linkable with ease.
  • 2. They are responsive, fresh, safe and easily installable.
  • 3. They are re-engage and are a kind of website that give app like experience.
  • 4. They are connectivity independent. Meaning, users don’t need internet connection to use them.
  • 5. They are compatible with all platforms and browsers and enhance user experience with updates.
  • 6. Get installed fast on devices.
  • 7. Sends push notifications to users and no app store permission.
  • 8. Look like an app and work like a website.

This is Just a One Side of the Coin:

Now must be planning to seek mobile app development services for your business just because you have come to know the difference between native/hybrid and progressive web apps. Honestly, it is very important for you to see the other side of the coin before you take any decision or decide the kind of app you need for developing and growing your business. Therefore, you need to know the cons of seeking hybrid, native and progressive mobile app development services.

  • 1. Native apps dedicated to multiple platforms are very expensive.
  • 2. App update and maintenance costs are very high and can burn a whole in your pocket.
  • 3. It is very difficult for developers to offer support and maintenance services for native apps as users on different mobile platforms might be using its different versions.
  • 4. App store permissions is needed. And it is always a time consulting and tedious process and does not always get successful. Moreover, there is hardly any chance of the application getting popular among users instantly.

Progressive web Apps too Have Their Own Disadvantageous

Along with benefits, progressive mobile app development services bring some challenges for businesses. Let’s see these challenges below:

  • 1. They do not support all browsers or devices.
  • 2. They do not support all native device software/hardware functionality.
  • 3. Central download store is not available.
  • 4. Zero support for cross-app login.

So, business have to you will have to take these things into consideration while thinking about seeking development services for progressive app.

Disadvantageous of Hybrid App Development Services:

It is not fair to talk about the disadvantages of Progressive and native mobile app development services and leave Hybrid application development services. Without a doubt, the development of hybrid apps help businesses of all sizes scale the peak of success like no other thing, however, they also have their own critical disadvantageous:

  • 1. Developers have account for device relevant quirks.
  • 2. New operating systems always need updates to account for.
  • 3. Dearth of practiced developers
  • 4. It is mandatory to move complex computational tasks to native plugins.
  • 5. Requirement of different approach in-terms of optimization and performance as compared to the traditional website applications.
  • 6. Most of the available hybrid mobile app development service providers do not have vital skills required for the flawless development of a polished end product.

Final Thoughts:

Just take a deep breath in and weigh the pros and cons of hybrid, native and progressive web app development services with your business requirements using a wise head installed on your shoulders and make your decision wisely and accordingly.