LinkedIn Expands Marketing Solutions Portfolio

Going by the current trends, social media advertising platforms seem to be expanding their reach to customers not only through their actual social networks but more happily on third-party websites. Furthering that trend, LinkedIn has opened up its new expansion tools for marketers by spreading out its marketing solutions platform.

The company has launched the LinkedIn Lead Accelerator as well as the LinkedIn Network Display in an attempt to allow businesses to target potential business clients beyond its borders. A new LinkedIn Network Display will enable businesses to approach professional audiences by using display ads on both LinkedIn as well as off the platform across thousands of publisher sites. In addition, a new LinkedIn Lead Accelerator has also been launched with an aim to connect companies with target professionals by using customized content.

At present, LinkedIn is known as the most effective platform for B2B marketers. It observes that 95% of website visitors do not share an email address with marketers, and among the remaining 5% who do, just about 20% actually read the emails they receive. As a result, most marketers end up converting less than even 1% of all possible leads. To address that problem, LinkedIn’s new Marketing Solutions Platform has been introduced by the company.

Prior to this, products such as Sponsored Updates or LinkedIn Display Advertising were being used simply to meet individual marketing goals. But now, marketers can leverage all marketing solutions and products of the company together as a portfolio to allow for a more customized experience that would better the marketer-prospect relationship and bear results.

Before launching the products officially, LinkedIn has tested the Accelerator with various pilot brand partners, such as Salesforce, Lenovo as well as Samsung. It shared that Lenovo’s cost per lead decreased by 60%. The Accelerator also includes a form-fill tool known as AutoFill, which has been designed to increase conversions, as well as an analytics tool.

Marketers can start exploring the new tools at